Thursday, May 29, 2008

Using the real you to be a model

Without trying too hard you can be a model. Did you know that models of all types are needed and it isn't for being tall. Here are some examples of where models are needed of all heights and sizes.

Twins- twins of all ages are needed and recently I saw an ad for an MTV promo looking for twins.

Older adult women and men- to portray grandmothers and mothers in movies, commercials and print ads.

Babies- of all ethnicities are needed for diaper commercials, Toys R Us, Babies R Us ads, and The Gap clothing store shows great ad campaigns with babies.

People with scars
- put your scar to use for editorials for women's magazines and ad campaigns for skincare scar products that reduce the appearance of scars. Models are needed who even have flaws.

Overweight people-needed for fitness commercials, and ads. This is a great way to lose weight and model.

Don't worry about your tattoo anymore. There are even magazines that support the tattoo such as Ink magazine.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

What if the commercial print modeling agency has a height requirement?

If a commercial print modeling agency has a height requirement that is taller than you but your photos show great legs, natural even skin tone and nice over all skin, and if your headshot looks fresh and like a beauty ad, and if you have the ambition I would try to send your photos anyway!

If you can look proportioned in photos and if you have personality that is seen in your photos then submit!

Many commercial print models are not 5'7". Models are all sizes and ethnicities for commercial print modeling but the modeling agencies do put height requirements sometimes,-usually they put 5'7"- but you can still submit your photos and try.

A print agency such as FFT Models, or R&L models do not have height requirements but if you look on their websites the models do have a sellable look an do have photos that look professional.

It is always worth it to submit. Submit, submit!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Putting your legs to use, modeling your legs this summer

Let the sun shine and start focusing on ways to pose your legs to create a body parts card, or to add some leg to your compcard or modeling portfolio. No matter your height if you have the right shoes on you can look taller. But the main thing is looking more porportioned.

Take these photos above for example. Look at the sitting and standing shoes, and how the legs can look leaner and longer.

Notice the shoes, and that wearing heels can also mean pointing your toe a little and stretching your leg as well to add some extra length.

Showing photos that show your body proportioned is important for body part modeling. By just seperating your legs and creating space between your thighs when you walk or stand and by crossing your legs at your ankles and pointing your toes a little you can look a lot taller, leaner, and more proportioned no matter your height.

Also it is good to include props and accessories like handbags, shoes, jewelry into your shoots as well.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

How does a modeling casting work?

At a casting for print usually your photo is taken - and usually the person taking the photo is the photographer who is hired for the job or the casting director- you will sometimes hold a piece of paper that has your name on it. Or you will be given a number. Like # 15. And you will hold up the card, or paper with the number on it, and then you will also have another piece of paper with all your info on it. Such as: Your name, height, weight, measurements, sizes, and your agency name and number or your own phone number.

For an on camera modeling job for a commercial or film, you will have to slate your name on camera and usually the camera will want to pick up your full body and profile.

For an acting audition or speaking role there will be "side" given, which is a sample of the script you will read. You could read it infront of a camera as well, which the casting directors will keep and review later.

At some modeling castings I have had to act too such as pretending to catch water in my hands at a hand casting, or hand off a beverage or pretend to apply cream to my face, or even brush my teeth...sometimes at the casting you have to show the casting director how you would look portraying the job before you even book it. Your photo is usually taken by yourself, straight on, like a headshot, sometimes the casting director asks you to smile, sometimes just a plain face, sometimes jumping or giving a side profile. Other times you could be posing with other models/actors at the casting if it is for a job that requires more than one model- the casting director might want to see how you look with other models, and how natural you look. This comes into plays when "families" or "couples" are being casted and they need to find people who look similar and look good together.

For runway or fashion shows, they measure you, you will be fitted in the clothing to see if they fit, how they fit and how you look walking in them.

Bring photos of yourself or your own compcard. Which you will leave with the casting director, photo editor, or photographer sometimes as well. Put your agency phone number on your card, or sometimes the agencies give you stickers with their contact info on it so you can put one on your compcard.

Usually it can take anywhere from one day to a week to hear back about the job, so don't dwell on the casting, continue to strive and pursue more modeling work. Staying busy and continue to be ambitious is best while you wait to hear from a job, because it is a very competitive world.


Friday, May 23, 2008

Before you pay for a modeling school

Before you pay for a modeling school and spend hundreds of or thousands on learning how to walk like a model, it would be a better idea to focus instead on your own efforts. Put some energy into getting quality images of yourself, and your posing and to give your self a lesson of posing by looking in the mirror. The best way to learn how to pose is to see yourself doing it. It would be a good idea to read magazines, and get inspired or lok at catalogs or notice the ads in the magazines and practice portraying them.

Many girls who go to modeling schools are short. They come out of the school unsure of what to do next because they didn't learn about commercial print modeling, they only learned about fashion. And many girls did not learn about their possibilities as a model. Only what they are not.

Did you know many models are not tall?

A modeling agency wants to see how you look on camera, in print, and you should already ahead of time have some experience infront of the camera before you visit an agency. Your odds will be higher if you want in understanding what commercial print modeling is.

Commercial print modeling is modeling for brands and using your energy to sell an image or product.

A modeling school lets girls FEEL like models, or walk like a model, but it doesn't mean they will end up working as a model. A modeling school doesn't let you learn about marketing, self marketing and the truths of being a model and working as one.

You might learn a lot about beauty, and hair, and makeup and you'll get an ego boost from the classes about attitude at the modeling school, but the main thing you need to become a model is quality photos, energy, and ambition!

If you don't have these you can't get anywhere.

There are agencies out there that are looking for average looking and attractive looking people of all heights. Don't be mislead. Regardless of your height models are needed for sunglasses, handbags, and modeling many products and services- such as for banks, and phone companies, soft drinks, and skin care. Print models can be any height and it would be a good idea to start noticing where models are used in ways beyond fashion. You will see that they are needed ALL over!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Modeling castings: Do you look young but really aren't?

If you look young but really are not, say you are 25, but look 17, you should still have photos of yourself that represent yourself as a teenager. This means you should look at some teen magazines, like Teen Vogue, or Seventeen and get inspired and do some shoots with the style of a teenager in mind. You should also create two compcards, maybe one showing you at your actual age, with a drink in your hand, a pretty shot of you modeling shoes, or a handbag, or wearing a suit. And then make another compcard that shows you in more of a teenage style, or posing in the style of an Alloy catalog or L.E.I jeans ad.

At the casting as well you will want to look the age you are going for, so if the casting is for a 17 year old, you will want to show up and look like one, since many of the girls there will be actually 17 and you will be competiting against their look.

A lipstick to consider for your photo shoots it is only $5.99 from Avon

The PRO-TO-GO Lipstick from Avon for $5.99 is a sure win for aspiring models everywhere. I love how it slides easy and not only is the price right- $5.99 -but there are over 12 shades to choose from.

Slide: Slide up button to raise lid...and lipstick.

Glide: Glide on color for beautiful lips.

Hide: Slide down button...see lid close.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Did you know that a tearsheet can help you get an agent?

Having a tearsheet from magazine exposure, or a catalog exposure or modeling in an ad campaign is nice leverage to get a modeling agent.

A tearsheet is proof you have modeled and it tells an agent, " this girl can handle the job" and also " shows your modeling ability."

It is best to try to get a tearsheet by yourself, before you meet with agents, and to do so you might want to mail your photos to magazines, big and small, to the photo editors, or to brands you want to work with.

You need to research and get ambitious to get ahead as a model these days. You have to create your own modeling portfolio, your own photos and really be a business about your pursuits.

If you are not the standard size, height, ect, but you show you have a few tearsheets and modeling experience an agent might take another look at you.

To hear more about tearsheets tune into my modeling podcast tonight!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Skip the Cakey Makeup and try Kett Cosmetics

Tomorrow I will be learning about Kett Cosmetics at The Makeup Show and Kett features airbrush makeup and also provides classes on how to apply airbrush makeup and the tools you need for the best look. I have used airbrush in the past, for my face and whole body as well and I love it! Tomorrow I will be discussing with them tips and also the benefit of airbrush makeup and how creative a model can get with it,- I look forward to sharing more with you. Click here to view some of Kett's artistic makeup designs.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

modeling steps

Each day is a new chance to chase new things. And each day can be a step towards your goals. You have to make what you want happen!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Are you having a hard time getting an agent?

If you are having terrible luck finding a modeling agency it could mean a couple of things:

1. Your photos could not be showing the best of you. If you look at your photos and feel like you look better in person than in your photos then you need to re-shoot. Re-submit to the agency and make sure there is diversity in your shots. Showing photos that show your personality, and what you DO have, and what the agency could find appealing and sellable.

2. Maybe you are submitting to the wrong agencies? Are you only submitting to fashion agencies like FORD models when you are only 5'2" ? You should be submitting your photos to commercial print modeling agencies and talent agencies. ***just be careful, there are a lot of scams out there and offices that "say" they are agencies but really they are just "offices" with photos of pretty girls on the wall.

3. Show that you CAN model. You will have an easier chance getting representation from a modeling agency if you can show that you have done modeling. Why not also mail your photos and modeling compcard, snap shots to magazines, casting directors, and even research some brands that might need models. You can google almost any brand, known and aspiring, and you can contact them and see if they need models.

4. Do you know what type of modeling you should be showing on your comp card? If you are petite focus on what you got...hands, feet, energy, diversity in your look. Make sure your photos show enough diversity. I don't mean trying to be a fashion model when you are not meant to be one, I mean using what you got and making your photos look more like ads and editorials...the more commercial and editorial your photos are...the more you will look like a model that should be hired.

If you haven't heard from an Agency remember: It doesn't mean your look isn't model material. It just means you still have work to do! Models are of all heights...

even 5'1" !!

Wherever there is Advertising there is a demand for models

You might live in a small town but remember that wherever there is advertising there is a demand for models- it just might not be blunt.

Maybe there isn't a modeling agency even in your town? But is there an ad agency? A graphic design company? a newspaper? These places need models too. I also call this 'skipping the middle man'- I don't leave it up to my modeling agency to only provide me work, I am a self promoter. You should be too. But do it carefully.

You need to send photos to modeling agencies but also you can send them to magazines, newspapers, photographers, ad agencies (especially smaller shops), and remember it is best to send photos that represent personality because models of ALL height can find modeling work within commercial print modeling. Your personality shines in this type of modeling and you need photos that come across as "the girl next door," not just in a bikini.

You might think it is weird to send photos to a magazine or smaller ad agency, but they have editors and art directors who receive photos all the time.

You might even turn to the yellowpages. - it might seem old school in bigger cities but in smaller ones the photo studios and photographers do have a listing.

Be ambitious!

You don't want to waste your time with anyone who isn't professional...maybe it sounds rude but If the photographer isn't a full time photographer or very passionate about photography then I don't work with them. Take the same approach.

If you are having a hard time building a portfolio,getting images, then -Why not also check out a college near by and ask to speak to someone about photography classes that might need models ( and this doesn't mean posing nude, this means modeling for the students class assignments that involve actually some more fashion related styles).

Think big, think inventively, research and use the Internet for more than just to flaunt your photo. That is SO easy...why not be more?

Vintage clothing can look really FRESH for photoshoots, New York Magazine vintage special

Next time you are working with the stylist at your shoot or styling your own photo shoot why not consider some vintage. You don't have to make the shoot ALL vintage but adding elements of vintage can be fun and can bring personality to the shoot!

Here, above are my favorite find from New York Magazine's vintage feature today.

Here are some stores in NYC to consider when shopping for Vintage:

175 Orchard St., Lower East Side

350 E. 9th St., East Village

Girls Love Shoes
29 Ludlow St., Lower East Side

Zachary's Smile
9 Greenwich Ave., West Village

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Working out without the Work, some tips for looking good for your photo shoots

I was a track runner for 5 years. And here are some tips for getting tone for your photoshoots and they don't all involve the gym!

1. If you don't want to run. Then walk! I love walking on the treadmill. I am not very into lifting weights, but I like to breath heavy to know I am working out.

2. Cleaning is also an alternative to running but do it really fast, scrub fast, run around the apartment/house picking up all your clothing and shoes, and make a rule to have it done in 30 minutes, running around cleaning can even build a sweat!

3. FOOD: Fruit and water are so important in my diet. If I go a day without fruit, or a veggies my body does feel it by being in pain and not feeling as awake. I have a hard time going to sleep if I drink too much coffee and I need a full belly to work and think, so I eat sometimes two meals a day and then snack the rest. I love nuts! I love Yogurt. ( I like Dannon Activia) I love pasta for energy the night before my shoots.

4. Put on a movie, or your favorite film and do situps while you watch or during commercials do a set of 50 crunches. It will put the fun into working out.

5. Instead of taking the elevator take the stairs a few times a week!

6. Yoga is a great way to tone up!

7. Maybe it sounds weird but I would also stretch before your photo shoots. Standing in the same pose, or moving around alot during your shoots can really make your body sore. I would stretch after too!

8. I don't have my groceries delivered I go to the store 2 times a week and carry them home, and it does work out my arms!

9. If you can't commit to a full work out, then make a daily walk apart of your day- at least a half mile- mile.

10. Dancing is a great work out and it doesn't have to be at a danceclub, you could take dance lessons for all types of dance.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Model Talk, posing in swimwear and beach photo shoots

This week on Model Talk on Weds the 14th at 8pm I will be giving modeling advice on how to plan and prepare for a BEACH photo shoot!

Enjoy and get ahead!


how to model a handbag, and how to pose with a handbag

Above you will find a few samples of how to pose with a handbag! I hope it inspires you for you shoots. It is a good idea to add props, accessories and products to your shoots. Whether it is a simple handbag or earrings. Make it look like an Ad!

Many aspiring models forget the importance of making your photos look like ads and editorials and how it DOES help you book work with brands. You have to show the type of work you want to get by proving you can model it!

Friday, May 9, 2008

The Promise of Becoming a Model

An agency shouldn’t promise you they can get you work or change you for photos, and a good agency will advise you on your photos and modeling portfolio. Don’t think that working with a modeling agency means you will have it all handed to you, you have to be very ambitious, especially if you are height challenged and trying to find an agency to work with you.

Testing with photographers should be your plan and you shouldn’t be afraid to market yourself and your look and develop what the things are that you can offer the industry.

There are so many types of modeling these days and it is best to have a well rounded portfolio. And a compcard that speaks but doesn’t narrow your chances. Make each photo different, showing your personality, spunk, energy, and you upbeat lively smile. Think of it this way:You will book with magazine if your photos look like magazine shots, or editorials.

A lot of shorter models end up working with a lot of bad agencies or scams and it is easy to pick one out. If they charge you! Or promise you things, jobs, ect. Be skeptical. The modeling business isn’t about the AGENT…it is more about the Client that calls the agent and the agent sends the girls he/she thinks is best for the casting, audition or job.

If you understand how the business works you will see that having good, busy and legit representation is best to get ahead. You don't want to waste your time or money so be careful about who you work with and this goes for photographers as well!

Paris Hilton and Sally Beauty Clipin-Go!

Recently in WWD I read that Paris Hilton and Sally Beauty stores are pairing up for hair extensions at an affordable price. They are called Dream catchers Clipin-Go, the yare about $80bucks and I think they would be great to mix up your look at photo shoots, and I think the president of Sally Beauty is right on because aspiring girls want to change up their look sometimes! And hair extentions is a fun way to do it and bring diversity to your look! They come in ten shades and are 18-inches long!

Check out the Clipin-Go hair extensions and consider them for your up coming photo shoots. And it can help you when it comes to gaining opportunity with your modeling and not missing out on an opportunity as well.

When my hair was short I booked a gig that needed a long hair model because I could use hair extensions and mock up the length in my locks to get the job done, and the Clipin-Go concept is great to for this!

I used hair extensions myself when I body doubled for a Christina Ricci movie poster and I do love pairing with my hair and trying out new trends and hair clips!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Modeling Tips for the Photoshoot: How to have Style without over styling your Shoots

This might sound corny but I suggest watching old movies, movies of the 1950's and1960's. The styling in older movies wasn't so forced, it was more natural, simple, and elegant, and for example the clothing of Barefoot in the Park is a good one to watch to get ideas! Your shoot doesn't have to be in a 1950's and 1960's theme, but it is a good thing to notice how small details really DO speak and apply them to your shoots, -could be a bikini shoot or a shoot involving gowns...but don't over do your styling.

Jane Fonda wears her outfits in Barefoot in the Park with class and it is sexy too!
Also check out these titles to get inspired:
To Catch a Thief with Grace Kelly
Guys and Dolls with Vivian Lane
The Misfits with Marilyn Monroe

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Should you pose nude?

It is a good thing to debate being nude, especially if it isn't for an ad or ad campaign.

I don't shoot nude unless it is for a very quality job, like with a network like TLC for the Stacy London show or for Time magazine.

And then it isn't called being naked, or nude, it is called body part modeling.

Maybe your short,can't get an agent, and have no modeling work yet, but you don't have to be naked to be a model, it is so easy for these girls to rip off their clothing and call themselves models, but honestly these days, unless I am modeling product, for a legit brand, it isn't modeling to me. I need a purpose to shoot.

Unless it is for Allure, Self, or Marie Claire, or a record label for a CD cover, a brand, a skincare company, or for something that you can tell your friends about...then I wouldn't do it, you don't want to do anything that you will regret later on.

It is easy to be desperate and just WANT to model so bad that you end up doing things you might regret, but you have to think of the bigger goals you have.

It is better to shoot for 3 modeling jobs a year that will benefit you and take you towards your goals, than shoot a handful of photoshoots that really get you no where.

Think of modeling more like a business....not just a photoshoot.

I have been there. I know. I wrote a book about it. So judge any pursuit, opportunity with the thought of, " How will this get me what I really want, how will this oppportunity lead me to more of the work I want?"

Being nude is ok if it is for something honest and quality. For a beauty product, a national ad campaign for a known brand. My agent sent me to do a body part modeling job involving the upper half of my body for Time magazine. ( see the difference)

You can use your body to get modeling work, but start making some goals for yourself. Usually if you are butt naked or doing something nude and it isn't artistic or well done or looking like a skin care ad, can miss out on other bigger opportunities because you will be shadowed and misunderstood..and stuck as just being known as a naked girl.


Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Social networking and personal networking as a model or actor

I think there are so many, too many social sites for models and actors. There are those GUYS with Camera who call themselves models, and really end up helping models get no where, and then there are those lame Guys with Video who end up scamming aspiring actors who are trying to build their reels with providing crappy content and or not giving them the product,trailer, piece, film in the end.

We have all been there. We have all tried and made mistakes, it sort of comes with the lifestyle of trying to be a model, or actor or make YOURSELF a model or actor YOURSELF.

I think as old fashion as it sounds, a headshot and compcard are your best marketing tools. The Internet is extremely helpful but in the end, at a casting or audition you need a headshot and compcard. A website most likely won't get you discovered and websites that promise to get your famous or book you work is sort of a scam waiting to happen!

Social networking is of the hype...but don't forget that personal interaction with the industry, casting directors, and quality full time talented photographers is how you get ahead and the goals you have.

If you don't have a goal, a plan, an interest, then you shouldn't try, because this industry will BEAT you up or spit on you so fast. It is very tough to self marketing, be perceptive and know how to sign up, download, send, and delete the right things in the Internet World. It is easy to fall for a scam, to get discouraged but if you learn from your mistakes, pick yourself up and understand the being a model or actor is really about BEING a self promoter will get what you social site, modeling website that lets photographers mingle with models will give you that!

Be a model! Sign up now! Only $30 a month...oh gosh...NOoooo.

I would say...find that human interaction...have an agent that actually calls you, or sends you an email for a casting with quality brands, magazines, ect. And don't expect anything to be handed to you!

If you want big things...think big!

Casting advice and self promotion as an actor or aspiring model

Recently I noticed this post from Jagger who runs a FREE casting service, ( I love it) of & I think they can be very helpful for any aspiring model or actor.

Q: Are you a member of any industry or acting related boards?
A: Actually no I am not. While I do feel some boards are helpful I also feel they can be agenda filled. One of the negatives about the Internet is the fact anybody can say anything about anybody without responsibility. If I was an active member on such a board, I would be involved in many discussions & wind up potentially being pulled into areas I rather not get involved in. I am not in business to put others down and potentially hurt their careers and/or business. If there is something important for me to say, I get interviewed enough and I have this great group in which to do so & both are agenda-free!

Q: http://www.ActorsFi & http://www.Affordab leActingClasses. com seem to be doing more & more "industry nights", is that where the group is headed?
A: Actually we only do about 3 every 10 weeks at most, so they are not nearly as frequent as you think. Also our events are somewhat different than most because I actually coach & prep all my students/attendees & we do not just take the money & wish you good luck. I stay until the very last person is seen & will personally get everyone excited & nerve-free by the time they do their work. I coach & prep an hour before the event begins & will cheerlead or tough-love you right up until your one-on-one. As with everything we do check out the accolades and see how we strive to be different.

Q: What are your opinions on mailing headshots cold to industry?
A: The day of an agent or casting director opening up an envelope and getting excited over a headshot from an unknown actor looking for representation/ bookings are no longer a reality. Do I feel you should mail still? Yes, of course but you need to be a lot more pro-active than just bulk-mailing to garner attention.

Q: Do you recommend any other teachers/classes besides http://www.Affordab leActingClasses. com?
A: What I recommend is to make sure you MEET any potential instructor in advance before you decide to take a class. If you do not feel a vibe, chemistry or feel pressure to pay, I would re-think taking that class. Do not forget that you are the one paying and you are the one that needs to feel 100% comfortable in spending your hard-earned income. Talk to other actors about who they enjoyed studying with and if you feel that you might be interested in a teacher contact them and ask to meet them so you can discuss everything face to face. Outside of my one-day intensives, I meet all my potential students in advance to see if we are a fit. Word of mouth is a great way to find out who might be right for you ... don't be afraid to ask others at your level who they recommend & then from that point use your judgment!

Q: Lately it seems most free casting sites are inactive- how come?
A: I have no idea, but I know how hard it is to keep up so I won't slam anybody for discontinuing. I would miss this group if I stopped and while some days its a chore most days I get inspired by the incredible members of http://www.ActorsFi If I get an email telling me of a success story, an accolade or sometimes the simplest of correspondence that inspires me, but I can understand if others do not have the time, will or desire anymore. Just be glad they were once active and that you grabbed a few auditions of them and be thankful :)


Q&A from April 22nd, 2008

Q: Who came up with the idea of a casting group with emails delivered?
A: Not me, but I certainly loved the idea & kept it going while others moved on. As I said in a few interviews, I began this journey helping one of the pioneer webgroups by moderating casting notices and looking for potential scams. About 4-5 years ago there were several active groups competing with each other & they either folded, became a paysite or a message board. I always loved the ease of having a free service that delivers notices ASAP in inboxes so I started my own group 4 years ago. While I followed the basic format of "groups" I did begin doing something nobody else was (as far as groups) & that was compiling notices to send. I take my position in this community to heart & felt putting in the effort of finding & researching notices would be a positive for both the community & myself & I was correct.

Q: Who do you consider competition for http://www.ActorsFi
A: Nobody! A few years ago I was caught up in that but its way too petty to deal with. I had other casting entities go on the web & tell people how to unsubscribe from our group, make email addresses that sound similar to mine to confuse talent, post blatent lies that my student accolades were fake & then refuse a retraction & the worst was when one contacted a charity after Hurricane Katrina (our group raised money) to alert them I was a scam artist (I only have 8 years of charitable history online lol) & cost that charity valuable time & man hours (as well as money) just to find every dime was accounted for. I rather stay above that & put my energy towards you guys! Nobody has the vibe & sense of community we do & I could out the above people & blast them on the web, but why bother ... I rather just focus on us instead of "web wars" (lol)

Q: Are there really almost 9,000 people on http://www.ActorsFi
A: Well ... I honestly doubt it. I know about a year ago YahooGroups did a purge of dead emails & I heard/saw other groups lose thousands while http://www.ActorsFi only lost about 100. I am sure there are people that just delete the emails because they do not bother to unsubscribe (the option is in EVERY email). I have no idea how many are actually reading everyday but because the group is run through Yahoo the numbers are publicly posted & a decent barometer.

Q: What does it take to be banned or deleted from the list?
A: Mostly spammers & scammers but I also killed off a few rude & disrespectful members.

Q: Where is the video link to http://www.ActorsFi 4th Anniversary Party/Event?
A: OK I made that one up but its at - http://www.ActorsFi ... duh :)


Q&A from April 17th, 2008

Q: Why don't you have a MySpace for either http://www.ActorsFi or http://www.Affordab leActingClasses. com?
A: I hate myspace personally and while I understand the importance of "Web 2.0", I really like the "non promoting" aspect & vibe of our groupg. Most of our members/students come from word of mouth and I like that vibe. We are kind of like "the little engine that could" & I think the lack of advertising & following trends gives us that family feel. When I find out that actors working on a set discuss what we do its an amazing feeling & I much rather the "you mean you don't know AFNY?" way if promoting over Web 2.0 ... I might be incorrect & was actually told I was, but ...

Q: Have you ever thought of filming your classes for a DVD or online/cable access broadcast?
A: 3/4 years ago my buddies at SceneInteractive came & filmed a class as an idea for a reality show. While it was a lot of fun, I noticed some students were aware of the cameras & reluctant to be themselves so I never went that route again. I also recently turned down another TV show about actors auditioning because I do not feel our "art" should be a "contest" with judges. I realize "Reality Shows" are everywhere but I think a class should be about the "student learning" & not about the teacher. If I feel anything will disrupt an actor in my class (that they "paid for") I will stop it immediately ... classes are about the students learning & not cool video clips of the instructor trying to look good.

Q: Why do you do http://www.ActorsFi if you do not make money?
A: Well to be completely honest, AFNY does make me money in a roundabout way. AFNY allows me to build my name & trust in this great community & that allows me to promote my survival jobs of teaching, etc. I do turn down huge money from businesses looking to promote because I feel over-commercializat ion will hurt the group & the few companies I do promote on a casual basis I really believe in.

Q: Will http://www.ActorsFi ever charge actors?
A: Hi, my name is Jagger & its nice to meet you ... NO!!!! I have turned down a few business proposals for that exact reason ... NEVER EVER EVER!!!!

Q: How do you choose notices to allow through?
A: Gut instinct. Last year we had about 3,600+ notices & I only had 3-5 suspect notices (as alerted by members - you guys rock) & I put that % up against ANYBODY. If I see a notice that doesn't seem right I won't allow it through ... its my right & I rather be safe & keep the % high instead of running up numbers to brag about "how many notices I sent".

Perfecting Comfort in front of the Camera

Take a look at a few of these shots enclosed, these are examples of how to melt and mesh into your surrounds. Modeling isn't just about posing with attitude -it is about relaxing!

Today I was having breakfast with one of my favorite photographer's and he said to me..."just how you are sitting right there, looks like a shot!"

We were just eating but still it was a compliment on how I relax, and give a natural intriguing post.

Over the years I have learned to relax, but also I try to visualize things the way the camera sees it. I try to be involved with my shoots, and I try to shoot in atmospheres and in ways which are intriguing, new and unique and natural.

What if you only had a chair, or a table to lay on, sit on, stand on,- could you use it as a prop and make yourself makea statement by just sitting there? Would it be your eyes? Your expression? Your clothing? Or just simply how you relax.

On the street can you be you, and in a moment make the shot appear?

Monday, May 5, 2008

Modeling your neck- INSTORE magazine

Here are some ideas for jewelry shots, but also look at some ads and editorials in magazines to get inspired! There is also a great magazine called INSTORE - google it, it is based on jewelry.


Models Don't forget your neck!

Something petite models and aspiring models shouldn't forget is: Using their neck and their backs to model! Whether you are modeling sunglasses, jewelry or a skincare product, your neck and back are very important! See the images above for ideas for neck modeling and remember, you might not be the tallest girl in the world, but you CAN use what you got to get ahead!

Therefore lotion your neck and back side, not just your legs and hands, but don't forget your back, shoulders, and neck!
Why not get involved with your next shoot, grab some jewerly, and plan a shoot based on the PARTS you do have that can get you modeling work!

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Sephoa Sun Safety Kit for $25 dollars- a great buy for your outdoor photoshoots at the beach!

It is almost time to plan some photo shoots at the beach! I can't wait! But to prepare and protect your sun kissed skin I suggest this Sun Safety buy from Sephora ( itis also the perfect size for traveling and to fit into your travel model bag:

Sun Safety Kit ($87 Value)
What it is:
A collection of eleven travel-ready sizes of the best and brightest summer skincare products.

What it does:
Let the sun shine without a care this summer. Sephora prepares you for outdoor fun with the ample sun protection found in the Sephora Brand Sun Safety Kit. It's packed with a travel-size sunscreen and skincare for the face and body.

What else you need to know:
The kit contains 0.05 oz Korres Natural Products Watermelon Sunscreen Face Cream SPF 30, a 0.25 oz Peter Thomas Roth Max Sheer All Day Defense Moisture Lotion SPF 30, a 1 oz DDF Daily Protective Moisturizer SPF 15, a 0.35 oz Cosmedicine Medi-Matte Oil Control Lotion SPF 20, a 0.17 oz Juice Beauty Green Apple Moisturizer SPF 15, a 1 oz Murad Firming Bronzer SPF 15, a 0.08 oz Shiseido Ultimate Sun Protection Lotion SPF 55 PA + + +, six single-use packs of MD Skincare Powerful Sun Protection Pads SPF 30, a 0.17 oz Clarins Sun Wrinkle Control Cream Ultra Protection SPF 30, a 0.25 oz Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer SPF 15, and a 0.098 oz Tarte 24/7 Lip Sheer SPF 15, plus a UV indicator card, all in a limited-edition Sephora pouch.

You can order online or I think in the store too!
Or click here for more information.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Modeling Photo Issues: Why aren't you shooting for a Cover shot?

I want to encourage and at the same time question why not many aspiring models have straight on at the camera photos? Why do girls tilt their head so much, where is the straight on photo? I love shooting a shot that looks like a cover shot. I love the straight on looking in the eyes kind of shot is needed for a model too.

Don't forget that what you show is where you will be. So show the stright on, eyes to the camera, with confidence and pride!

It comes off in your eyes as capable, powerful, driven, and beautiful.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Modeling tips on Hair: What if you Change your Hair color?

Well it is important to try to LOOK as much like your modeling compcard as possible, but if you happen to change your hair color don't fret!

You might not need to change your photos 100%. But you do want to LOOK like your photos -you don't want to show your hair blond and then show up brunette.

But no matter your hair changes I would say KEEP all your photos. For example, my hair has gone from really boy short to really to my boobs long. So all of these lengths have had different color of hair, shade or hair, as well. Some show high lights, some show dark, dark hair. I would say ALL of your photos should be kept, not used ALL at once but always have your photos old and new handy because..

For example: If a casting wants a short hair girl, you could still be submitted because YOU HAD Short hair before, and you could use a wig if you book the job.
Also if you are willing to cut your hair again, that might help you book the job too.
You might want to show what you hair looks like in many styles...
For castings
To your agency
And when comes to deciding on your look and being available for all types of looks.

Also as a model your hair is bound to change. It is normal, but here are some No's for the commercial print world.

Short and long hair of all lengths is cool, but if you have many colors in your hair, that is NO. Unless it is for a hair care company that shows funky edgy hair styles in their ads. Normally for commercial print modeling you want a simple color, one shade, all around the head!

Look at ads, notice commercials, look at what is out there, it is a good way to know WHAT WORKS. Most girls have a solid hair color.

How to Manage your Modeling Agent

You might have a modeling agency but how to deal with it? How do you get more out of it.

If your communication is open with your modeling agency then you should be able to call and they should KNOW who you are. If you have to repeat yourself a millions --then it might be time to find a new agency,- but then again Agencies have ALOT of talent, aspiring talent on their boards. It is easy to get lost.

Update your compcard, mail new pictures, call every so often or email. And stay busy.

The more you do for yourself the more your agent will see you are busy and will most likely try to market you. The more ambitious you come off the better!

Check up on checks but not daily, maybe every 2 weeks or every month if it has been awhile.

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