Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Are you having a hard time getting an agent?

If you are having terrible luck finding a modeling agency it could mean a couple of things:

1. Your photos could not be showing the best of you. If you look at your photos and feel like you look better in person than in your photos then you need to re-shoot. Re-submit to the agency and make sure there is diversity in your shots. Showing photos that show your personality, and what you DO have, and what the agency could find appealing and sellable.

2. Maybe you are submitting to the wrong agencies? Are you only submitting to fashion agencies like FORD models when you are only 5'2" ? You should be submitting your photos to commercial print modeling agencies and talent agencies. ***just be careful, there are a lot of scams out there and offices that "say" they are agencies but really they are just "offices" with photos of pretty girls on the wall.

3. Show that you CAN model. You will have an easier chance getting representation from a modeling agency if you can show that you have done modeling. Why not also mail your photos and modeling compcard, snap shots to magazines, casting directors, and even research some brands that might need models. You can google almost any brand, known and aspiring, and you can contact them and see if they need models.

4. Do you know what type of modeling you should be showing on your comp card? If you are petite focus on what you got...hands, feet, energy, diversity in your look. Make sure your photos show enough diversity. I don't mean trying to be a fashion model when you are not meant to be one, I mean using what you got and making your photos look more like ads and editorials...the more commercial and editorial your photos are...the more you will look like a model that should be hired.

If you haven't heard from an Agency remember: It doesn't mean your look isn't model material. It just means you still have work to do! Models are of all heights...

even 5'1" !!

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