Friday, May 23, 2008

Before you pay for a modeling school

Before you pay for a modeling school and spend hundreds of or thousands on learning how to walk like a model, it would be a better idea to focus instead on your own efforts. Put some energy into getting quality images of yourself, and your posing and to give your self a lesson of posing by looking in the mirror. The best way to learn how to pose is to see yourself doing it. It would be a good idea to read magazines, and get inspired or lok at catalogs or notice the ads in the magazines and practice portraying them.

Many girls who go to modeling schools are short. They come out of the school unsure of what to do next because they didn't learn about commercial print modeling, they only learned about fashion. And many girls did not learn about their possibilities as a model. Only what they are not.

Did you know many models are not tall?

A modeling agency wants to see how you look on camera, in print, and you should already ahead of time have some experience infront of the camera before you visit an agency. Your odds will be higher if you want in understanding what commercial print modeling is.

Commercial print modeling is modeling for brands and using your energy to sell an image or product.

A modeling school lets girls FEEL like models, or walk like a model, but it doesn't mean they will end up working as a model. A modeling school doesn't let you learn about marketing, self marketing and the truths of being a model and working as one.

You might learn a lot about beauty, and hair, and makeup and you'll get an ego boost from the classes about attitude at the modeling school, but the main thing you need to become a model is quality photos, energy, and ambition!

If you don't have these you can't get anywhere.

There are agencies out there that are looking for average looking and attractive looking people of all heights. Don't be mislead. Regardless of your height models are needed for sunglasses, handbags, and modeling many products and services- such as for banks, and phone companies, soft drinks, and skin care. Print models can be any height and it would be a good idea to start noticing where models are used in ways beyond fashion. You will see that they are needed ALL over!

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