Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Perfecting Comfort in front of the Camera

Take a look at a few of these shots enclosed, these are examples of how to melt and mesh into your surrounds. Modeling isn't just about posing with attitude -it is about relaxing!

Today I was having breakfast with one of my favorite photographer's and he said to me..."just how you are sitting right there, looks like a shot!"

We were just eating but still it was a compliment on how I relax, and give a natural intriguing post.

Over the years I have learned to relax, but also I try to visualize things the way the camera sees it. I try to be involved with my shoots, and I try to shoot in atmospheres and in ways which are intriguing, new and unique and natural.

What if you only had a chair, or a table to lay on, sit on, stand on,- could you use it as a prop and make yourself makea statement by just sitting there? Would it be your eyes? Your expression? Your clothing? Or just simply how you relax.

On the street can you be you, and in a moment make the shot appear?

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