Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Working out without the Work, some tips for looking good for your photo shoots

I was a track runner for 5 years. And here are some tips for getting tone for your photoshoots and they don't all involve the gym!

1. If you don't want to run. Then walk! I love walking on the treadmill. I am not very into lifting weights, but I like to breath heavy to know I am working out.

2. Cleaning is also an alternative to running but do it really fast, scrub fast, run around the apartment/house picking up all your clothing and shoes, and make a rule to have it done in 30 minutes, running around cleaning can even build a sweat!

3. FOOD: Fruit and water are so important in my diet. If I go a day without fruit, or a veggies my body does feel it by being in pain and not feeling as awake. I have a hard time going to sleep if I drink too much coffee and I need a full belly to work and think, so I eat sometimes two meals a day and then snack the rest. I love nuts! I love Yogurt. ( I like Dannon Activia) I love pasta for energy the night before my shoots.

4. Put on a movie, or your favorite film and do situps while you watch or during commercials do a set of 50 crunches. It will put the fun into working out.

5. Instead of taking the elevator take the stairs a few times a week!

6. Yoga is a great way to tone up!

7. Maybe it sounds weird but I would also stretch before your photo shoots. Standing in the same pose, or moving around alot during your shoots can really make your body sore. I would stretch after too!

8. I don't have my groceries delivered I go to the store 2 times a week and carry them home, and it does work out my arms!

9. If you can't commit to a full work out, then make a daily walk apart of your day- at least a half mile- mile.

10. Dancing is a great work out and it doesn't have to be at a danceclub, you could take dance lessons for all types of dance.

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