Friday, May 9, 2008

Paris Hilton and Sally Beauty Clipin-Go!

Recently in WWD I read that Paris Hilton and Sally Beauty stores are pairing up for hair extensions at an affordable price. They are called Dream catchers Clipin-Go, the yare about $80bucks and I think they would be great to mix up your look at photo shoots, and I think the president of Sally Beauty is right on because aspiring girls want to change up their look sometimes! And hair extentions is a fun way to do it and bring diversity to your look! They come in ten shades and are 18-inches long!

Check out the Clipin-Go hair extensions and consider them for your up coming photo shoots. And it can help you when it comes to gaining opportunity with your modeling and not missing out on an opportunity as well.

When my hair was short I booked a gig that needed a long hair model because I could use hair extensions and mock up the length in my locks to get the job done, and the Clipin-Go concept is great to for this!

I used hair extensions myself when I body doubled for a Christina Ricci movie poster and I do love pairing with my hair and trying out new trends and hair clips!

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