Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Wherever there is Advertising there is a demand for models

You might live in a small town but remember that wherever there is advertising there is a demand for models- it just might not be blunt.

Maybe there isn't a modeling agency even in your town? But is there an ad agency? A graphic design company? a newspaper? These places need models too. I also call this 'skipping the middle man'- I don't leave it up to my modeling agency to only provide me work, I am a self promoter. You should be too. But do it carefully.

You need to send photos to modeling agencies but also you can send them to magazines, newspapers, photographers, ad agencies (especially smaller shops), and remember it is best to send photos that represent personality because models of ALL height can find modeling work within commercial print modeling. Your personality shines in this type of modeling and you need photos that come across as "the girl next door," not just in a bikini.

You might think it is weird to send photos to a magazine or smaller ad agency, but they have editors and art directors who receive photos all the time.

You might even turn to the yellowpages. - it might seem old school in bigger cities but in smaller ones the photo studios and photographers do have a listing.

Be ambitious!

You don't want to waste your time with anyone who isn't professional...maybe it sounds rude but If the photographer isn't a full time photographer or very passionate about photography then I don't work with them. Take the same approach.

If you are having a hard time building a portfolio,getting images, then -Why not also check out a college near by and ask to speak to someone about photography classes that might need models ( and this doesn't mean posing nude, this means modeling for the students class assignments that involve actually some more fashion related styles).

Think big, think inventively, research and use the Internet for more than just to flaunt your photo. That is SO easy...why not be more?

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