Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Putting your legs to use, modeling your legs this summer

Let the sun shine and start focusing on ways to pose your legs to create a body parts card, or to add some leg to your compcard or modeling portfolio. No matter your height if you have the right shoes on you can look taller. But the main thing is looking more porportioned.

Take these photos above for example. Look at the sitting and standing shoes, and how the legs can look leaner and longer.

Notice the shoes, and that wearing heels can also mean pointing your toe a little and stretching your leg as well to add some extra length.

Showing photos that show your body proportioned is important for body part modeling. By just seperating your legs and creating space between your thighs when you walk or stand and by crossing your legs at your ankles and pointing your toes a little you can look a lot taller, leaner, and more proportioned no matter your height.

Also it is good to include props and accessories like handbags, shoes, jewelry into your shoots as well.

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