Friday, May 9, 2008

The Promise of Becoming a Model

An agency shouldn’t promise you they can get you work or change you for photos, and a good agency will advise you on your photos and modeling portfolio. Don’t think that working with a modeling agency means you will have it all handed to you, you have to be very ambitious, especially if you are height challenged and trying to find an agency to work with you.

Testing with photographers should be your plan and you shouldn’t be afraid to market yourself and your look and develop what the things are that you can offer the industry.

There are so many types of modeling these days and it is best to have a well rounded portfolio. And a compcard that speaks but doesn’t narrow your chances. Make each photo different, showing your personality, spunk, energy, and you upbeat lively smile. Think of it this way:You will book with magazine if your photos look like magazine shots, or editorials.

A lot of shorter models end up working with a lot of bad agencies or scams and it is easy to pick one out. If they charge you! Or promise you things, jobs, ect. Be skeptical. The modeling business isn’t about the AGENT…it is more about the Client that calls the agent and the agent sends the girls he/she thinks is best for the casting, audition or job.

If you understand how the business works you will see that having good, busy and legit representation is best to get ahead. You don't want to waste your time or money so be careful about who you work with and this goes for photographers as well!

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