Wednesday, May 28, 2008

What if the commercial print modeling agency has a height requirement?

If a commercial print modeling agency has a height requirement that is taller than you but your photos show great legs, natural even skin tone and nice over all skin, and if your headshot looks fresh and like a beauty ad, and if you have the ambition I would try to send your photos anyway!

If you can look proportioned in photos and if you have personality that is seen in your photos then submit!

Many commercial print models are not 5'7". Models are all sizes and ethnicities for commercial print modeling but the modeling agencies do put height requirements sometimes,-usually they put 5'7"- but you can still submit your photos and try.

A print agency such as FFT Models, or R&L models do not have height requirements but if you look on their websites the models do have a sellable look an do have photos that look professional.

It is always worth it to submit. Submit, submit!

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