Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Social networking and personal networking as a model or actor

I think there are so many, too many social sites for models and actors. There are those GUYS with Camera who call themselves models, and really end up helping models get no where, and then there are those lame Guys with Video who end up scamming aspiring actors who are trying to build their reels with providing crappy content and or not giving them the product,trailer, piece, film in the end.

We have all been there. We have all tried and made mistakes, it sort of comes with the lifestyle of trying to be a model, or actor or make YOURSELF a model or actor YOURSELF.

I think as old fashion as it sounds, a headshot and compcard are your best marketing tools. The Internet is extremely helpful but in the end, at a casting or audition you need a headshot and compcard. A website most likely won't get you discovered and websites that promise to get your famous or book you work is sort of a scam waiting to happen!

Social networking is of the hype...but don't forget that personal interaction with the industry, casting directors, and quality full time talented photographers is how you get ahead and the goals you have.

If you don't have a goal, a plan, an interest, then you shouldn't try, because this industry will BEAT you up or spit on you so fast. It is very tough to self marketing, be perceptive and know how to sign up, download, send, and delete the right things in the Internet World. It is easy to fall for a scam, to get discouraged but if you learn from your mistakes, pick yourself up and understand the being a model or actor is really about BEING a self promoter ...you will get what you want....no social site, modeling website that lets photographers mingle with models will give you that!

Be a model! Sign up now! Only $30 a month...oh gosh...NOoooo.

I would say...find that human interaction...have an agent that actually calls you, or sends you an email for a casting with quality brands, magazines, ect. And don't expect anything to be handed to you!

If you want big things...think big!

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