Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Should you pose nude?

It is a good thing to debate being nude, especially if it isn't for an ad or ad campaign.

I don't shoot nude unless it is for a very quality job, like with a network like TLC for the Stacy London show or for Time magazine.

And then it isn't called being naked, or nude, it is called body part modeling.

Maybe your short,can't get an agent, and have no modeling work yet, but you don't have to be naked to be a model, it is so easy for these girls to rip off their clothing and call themselves models, but honestly these days, unless I am modeling product, for a legit brand, it isn't modeling to me. I need a purpose to shoot.

Unless it is for Allure, Self, or Marie Claire, or a record label for a CD cover, a brand, a skincare company, or for something that you can tell your friends about...then I wouldn't do it, you don't want to do anything that you will regret later on.

It is easy to be desperate and just WANT to model so bad that you end up doing things you might regret, but you have to think of the bigger goals you have.

It is better to shoot for 3 modeling jobs a year that will benefit you and take you towards your goals, than shoot a handful of photoshoots that really get you no where.

Think of modeling more like a business....not just a photoshoot.

I have been there. I know. I wrote a book about it. So judge any pursuit, opportunity with the thought of, " How will this get me what I really want, how will this oppportunity lead me to more of the work I want?"

Being nude is ok if it is for something honest and quality. For a beauty product, a national ad campaign for a known brand. My agent sent me to do a body part modeling job involving the upper half of my body for Time magazine. ( see the difference)

You can use your body to get modeling work, but start making some goals for yourself. Usually if you are butt naked or doing something nude and it isn't artistic or well done or looking like a skin care ad, can miss out on other bigger opportunities because you will be shadowed and misunderstood..and stuck as just being known as a naked girl.


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