Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Did you know that a tearsheet can help you get an agent?

Having a tearsheet from magazine exposure, or a catalog exposure or modeling in an ad campaign is nice leverage to get a modeling agent.

A tearsheet is proof you have modeled and it tells an agent, " this girl can handle the job" and also " shows your modeling ability."

It is best to try to get a tearsheet by yourself, before you meet with agents, and to do so you might want to mail your photos to magazines, big and small, to the photo editors, or to brands you want to work with.

You need to research and get ambitious to get ahead as a model these days. You have to create your own modeling portfolio, your own photos and really be a business about your pursuits.

If you are not the standard size, height, ect, but you show you have a few tearsheets and modeling experience an agent might take another look at you.

To hear more about tearsheets tune into my modeling podcast tonight!

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