Thursday, July 24, 2008

Getting a modeling agency Drama

A girl recently asked me how she could get a modeling agency, but her photos all looked the same, and didn't look modeling agency quality. I think this is the most popular question I get these days.

Well, getting a modeling agency takes more than just knowing the street and address of where to mail you photos, it involves having the right photos.

The best photos a petite model can have is commercial print photos, photos that show your personality and energy. Your smile helps. A lot of girls forget the importance of just having natural shots and they end up trying to hard to be something they aren't and then dwell on why things are not moving ahead for them.

If you focus on your photos and making them sell you in the right way, the commercial print way, you will be on your way to get a modelign agency, you can get a modeling agency even if you are short, but you need to have more than a shot of you sticking up butt out. Models are needed of all heights, -Of course it helps if you are proportioned- but you do have a chance to work with a modeling agency if you do have photos that are sellable, involve products, and look like ads.

Sellable photos: You might want to stop shooting fashion photos if you do not have the fashion modeling measurements, it would be better to focus on getting photos that actually will benefit you instead. If you are petite you should focus on photos that look like you are selling a product in it, example: ads and editorials, ad campaigns. You might want to spend some time looking at photos in magazines. If you don't show photos that look quality, how can you expect to get quality work as a model. You will need photos which can be made into a sellable compcard and used for your castings, and printed for a modeling portfolio.

It might take a few weeks or months to get everything together photo wise, but if you want more out of your modeling you have to make the effort.

You should mail your compcard to the agencies or photos, but models are expected to make compcards and you should also have some clue of the type of photos you should put on the card, before you make one. You should learn about modeling, what it is, how the business works, and the types of modeling out there, and your chances, before you try to approach agencies.

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