Wednesday, July 30, 2008

preparing for a photo shoot and using your brain to model

I think being a model does involve a creative side. When I plan my shoots I have even sketched ideas. Here are some tips when it comes to preparing for shoots and finding a good photographer:

1. Don't waste your time shooting for no reason. That is number #. Just standing infront of the camera won't make anything happen, you have to prepare for the shoot, plan the style, the makeup, the look. Just shooting isn't enough it comes down to quality! You should see the photographers portfolio, his/ her work ahead of time. If possible meet the photographer ahead of time.

2. Know the type of photos you need before you do the shoot, prepare with ideas flowing and don't just shoot for the sake of feeling like a model because that will get you no where but just feeling hot for a couple hours. When it is over will you still be a model? Well, that comes down to what you produced. You want to create photos that are going to benefit your look and what you are capable of as a model.

3. Sometimes you can get one good shot from a shoot or many, it depends on many things: The goal of the shoot, if the photography session is meant to just cover one style or if you are going to shoot a couple looks. Sometimes it is better to go after one goal per shoot so that you acomplish what you need and make sure you don't waste time, money, ect.

4. Testing is popular among photographers, but I would send an idea to the photographer, try to bring more than just yourself, bring ideas to the shoot, show your personality, show you have a brain and a plan.

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