Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Modeling photos and advice: The importance of the laughing shot

It is important to have the smiling shot, the laughter shot, and don't think modeling is just posing stiff and posing. Sometimes it is just being yourself.
many girls forget the simple importance of having just a simple smile shot. It can go a long way, especially if you aren't 5'10", having a nice smile shot can make you a step closer to print work and commercial work.

The word commercial means laughter, personality, and selling the brand with your personality. Think about brands like payless, dove, Pizza hut, banks, alcohol commercials ( although you have to be 25 to be in an alcohol related ad/commercial), count the smiles- there are so many smiles.

Modeling is what you see in ads and editorials and commercials, it isn't just Vogue. It can be your smile.

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