Wednesday, July 2, 2008

What to do at the modeling casting

All my castings are different, and the casting director or marketing professional, or editor is always looking for something different, it makes my job as a model involve guessing a lot.

I had two castings today.

For the fitness casting I was told it was for my whole body, so I figured I should wear something that showed it. So I put on my bikini and some work out short shorts, I wore a tank top over my bikini top and headed to Third Ave. I had on minimal makeup because for a fitness editorial usually they don't want you to have full makeup applied. Just curled my lashes, and some light lip-gloss. I walked into the office ready. A couple other girls were waiting in the reception area, one in jeans, and one in a dress. (I guess I could have changed here after -all but I like to walk in looking the part). When it was my turn I had to show my body, side profile, and flex my arms and legs, I forgot a hair tie, (hint) but it worked out well. I am not a pro-fitness model but I think I have a nice enough body for a health editorial.

On to the next casting:

The hair company wanted to see your face and hair length, and I had to wear something with a solid color (I chose a red tube dress) and fluffed my hair a little before I went in, my hair is pin straight so it is hard for it to have bounce without spending 30 minutes on it sometimes. Just didn’t have time in-between my commute today.
Before I went in I added some lipstick and mascara to give my face a more beauty look.

We’ll see!

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