Thursday, July 17, 2008

How to model in 2008

Modeling these days is not based on just having an agent and being basically set and busy working as a model, Nope, that is not how working as a model happens. Being a model involves really thinking inventively and like a marketer, and seeking out a modeling agency that would be a good fit for you.

Many girls that want to work as a model approach the business the wrong way.

Either relying on the internet to make themselves seen and discovered or not marketing themselves in a way that is realistic and fits for the type of model they actually are.

Modeling these days is about doing research,and submissions. By submitting your photos in the mail to agencies, casting directors, and being a self starter.

Sure if you are looking for a quick 5 minutes of admiration being an internet model is an easy way out, but really being a model, working with brands, magazines, and getting consistant work as a model involves really marketing yourself. Thinking of yourself like a business, you are a product and you are pitching it to agencies to get representation so you can get the casting information and hopefully be booked. It is a domino effect. You need more than just a cute face to be a model these days.

The other day I was talking to a photographer and he mentioned how a middle aged woman he recently shot wanted to model jewelry and wanted to get an agency but she couldn't find one? I told him. "well maybe she isn't marketing herself to the right agencies?"

Having photos isn't enough, it is pointless without marketing yourself the right way. Models can be every age, height and weight, but it is not fashion modeling, it is commercial print modeling.

It isn't an easy thing to be a model, it takes persistance, it takes knowing how to market yourself, knowing what agencies to send your photos to and being open minded but at the same time honest with yourself about where you can actually get work as a model and what areas of modeling you can really do.

You don't have to be in a thong if you don't want to. You can be a model by simply just being yourself. The word model really means Selling. So if your photos don't show that you have personality, and can work a product...especially in this material really need to get them. The future is all about products, commercial brands, and they need models of all ages to model them.

Modeling in 2008 is about making yourself seen, and showing you can in deed model. And submitting to agencies that actually work with models of all types. Modeling is not just fashion and it is not just vogue. Knowing your niche, where you fit in the business is so important to get ahead as a model these days.

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