Saturday, July 12, 2008

How to get a modeling agent with the right compcard

If you want to get a modeling agent, you need quality photos. Plain and simple.

You need photos that show that you can model, it takes more than just downloading a random photo of yourself on the web to be a model...., and the photos you need to be a model should show you modeling a product, l-Isn't that what modeling is anyways!?....Like modeling a handbag, or accessories. Make your photos look like ads and editorials. The more sellable your photos are the better. Because your NOT just impressing the agent, you trying to book the job that the agent is sending you out for, and you want your images to say YES I can model. I have the energy you want to see, I have lifestyle photos that show my personality. I have an intriguing look, and I am the girl for the job.

For more on what you need on your modeling compcard see my youtube video on What you need on your modeling compcard here:

Isobella Jade

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