Thursday, July 3, 2008

Know your body and how to model with it

Do you know your body? Do you know how to pose with a product, have you ever looked in the mirror and noticed how your body moves and changes when you change your pose. Do you know the way to angle your body to appear longer?

It is a good idea to know your body if you want to be a model. It helps at castings and also for your shoots. Especially since sometimes you don't have direction, or you get last minute direction on how to pose or you are basically expected to know how to do the job.

The other day at my casting - my legs were photographed, and I was in sneakers, I had to know pose my legs, which in my petite frame do not appear not as long without heels, so I had to know how to stretch them and angle them for the shot.

It came from understanding the perspective of the camera against my body and proportions. I know that if I angle my arm I certain way or do create proportional space between my limbs I will look bigger in photos. I know if I don't stretch or point my toe or arch my back I can look chubby, even at only 96lbs!

It is important to really know your body and how to model with it.

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