Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Three Photos models need

I met with a girl today and she said she wanted to model for Tiffany's, I told her to get some close up body part shots, put on some earings and jewerly, and make a PARTS card. It is called being ambitious, making it happen, and being APART of your pursuits. I believe if you want to model for something, whether it is beauty, makeup, shoes, or jewerly you have to prove it. You need your marketing tools and you need to even art direct some of your shoots to get the shots you need.

Three photos that all models need are:

1. A Headshot, a shot that looks like a beauty jewelry ad, or headshot, smiles help, but also you can just have a soft bright eyed, nice skin glow.

2. Energy shot. If your headshot is a smile you could skip this. But a smile and action shot that shows your personality is important. Modeling is more about your personality than you might be considering. Energy shots are great for commercial print modeling work, and interaction with other people, models, and even a shot of you walking a dog and smiling.

3. The Body Shot. It could be fitness related, not always in a bikini. You could be working out, on a treadmill, running, or posing still in a bikini like a catalog shot. A smile is good too!

Include accessories and products in your shots, if you want to model for something you have to show it in your photos.

Look at ads, editorials, magazines to get inspired when it comes to your photos and getting the shots you need.

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