Monday, July 28, 2008

Use your body in a new way to be a model

You can use your body and still model, but the type of modeling is called "parts modelng," if you have a nice body you can use it to work in print, commercials, tv, and work with top brands and magazines. A nice way to build a portfolio if you are petite is to use your parts to get ahead in a commercial way.

How to start: You need photos of your parts and body photographed in ways that look like ads, focus on lignerie and underwear ads that show the behind, but in a commercial way, focus on shots of legs, and hips, and stomaches, that are used for parts modeling, a sexy examples is the ad for Cabana Cachaca I just saw in Interview magazine. The ad shows a girls bare legs and hips and stomach, enhancing the bikini tan line, for the brazilian alcohol brand. Another ad is above. This can give you an idea of how to shoot a parts shot, in a more commercial way for a shoe product, or jewerly you can also consider the others I have enclosed.

the best thing to do is to put together a parts card that highlights your best assets, and parts..

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