Wednesday, July 16, 2008

More to Modeling than Interent Modeling

Usually websites do not get models or those trying to be models work. By just having your photo on a website and being able to download an image doesn't make you a model and it doesn't mean work will come to you. Instead of using modeling websites to promote yourself, you should make a compcard and headshot and mail it to agents and casting directors.

You will have better results. I think there is a lot of terrible amatuer photographers out there and the web is full of them.

You can make some big mistakes by working with the wrong people.

I know the web makes the modeling playground seem so intriguing, but I wrote a book all about the highs and lows of using the internet to get ahead as a model and there are a lot more lows than highs.

Knowing that anyone can download their photos on a website it makes the word model mean that anyone can be one. But honestly when the marketing executives at Nike or Revlon want a model, they do not go to the internet modeling sites. The big brands, the brands that make you a working model....go to modeling agencies.

SO if you are not with a commercial print modeling agency you will never even know about this casting or modeling opportunity.

The web seems like the easy way in to the modeling business but it isn't. IN my mind the web is for those who want to FEEL like models not BE them.

My best advice is to skip the internet, use it at a research tool, there is no real benefit of posting your photo on a modeling website. You will mostly meet amatuer photographers who have no sense or purpose to hold a camera, don't expect to get ahead as a model by simply downloading your photo on a website and just thinking work will come to you. is not the modeling business. You have to have physical compcards, physical headshots, not just a jpeg. You need a print.

I would invest in photos, in a compcard and headshot, Agents want to see that you have your marketing tools.

listen in to my Model Talk about how to manage yourself as a model:

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