Saturday, January 3, 2009

Photos Petite Models need on their Compcard

You compcard might not be working. It might be terrible for the modeling business.

Not because you are not attractive but because the photos are not what an agency that would work with you, considering your height, and what an agency wants to see.

You need to forget fashion shot, and forget being overly sexy. You need to start focusing on what commercial print modeling is, and what you should be showing on your compcard.

You get a few moments to intrigue an agency without even talking, and only within your photos so do your best to showcase the best of you, and that you can in deed model products, that you have personality, and that you have a nice smile.

A lot of girls forget the smile shot.

As short model can find opportunities within Commercial Print Modeling, where the jobs for ad campaigns and commercials are more based around personality, than height. This can mean taming down the sexy photos.

The commercial part of that type of modeling involves lifestyle products. The idea is not to just take a photo of yourself, but you need to focus on getting more shots that involve products and ads, shots that make you look like you CAN model something. Think and look at, jewelry ads, shoe ads, watch ads, hair care ads, skincare ads. Cell phone ads, tampon ads, all types of ads that involve products.

If you do not show you can model, it is not ironic that you don't have an agent, it makes sense, you are not showing you can handle the job they will send you on.

Be a smart model, and get over the flaunting, and wasting your time with photos that do not get you anywhere, start being more productive, more ambitious, and get what you do need to get ahead and do what you want to really do.

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