Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Do you need a modeling compcard? Yes!

A girl recently wrote me saying, "i've sent photos but not much replied, only one, saying their full. I'mthinking just taking new photos again and sending pictures with no make up just a natural look..umm i have no compcard yet.. do i really need one?? any more advice for me?? please write back, thank you."

My answer:
MMmm I think the real reason they said that is because your photos might not be that great. You photos may not make you marketable for the modeling business. I would try again and if you have some photos that express your personality and energy, skintone and look I would make a compcard. Try

If you need ideas for photos look in Marie Claire and Glamour magazine are also good. But do not just look at the fashion editorials, look at the ads. Ads for everything from shoes to tampons.

Also know what agencies you should approach, and based on you height it is commercial print modeling agencies. Print modeling agencies. But submitting to the agency isn't enough you have to submit the right photos. Here is a blog post I wrote on photographey for commercial print to give you some tips, but looking at ads can help. You want your photos to look like an ad, to tell a commercial print modeling agency "I can model products." so hold a handbag, put on some cute shoes, put on some makeup in the mirror while your friend, or mom takes the photo, it can be simple at this point. But the shots should be clear and should NOT be sexy.

A commercial print agency wants to see your personality and energy. A commercial print modeling agency wants to see your smile, and the real you, not some diva, or a fashionista, or a glamour girl. So think ads for everything from skincare, to hair care, to furniture,computers, shoes, handbags, lifestyle products. They want to know you can work with products in a natural way.

And check out my blog for more insight, I think you will find it very helpful.

Here are some links to start:

Creating commercial print modeling photos- DO NOT find a photographer on a model website, they are amatuer, instead go to a photography school and try to work with someone who knows the craft of photography, not just any old guy with a camera, it is not a good idea, here are tips on how to create your own photos:

And here is an article about the good and bad of the internet model:

Real models are modeling brands, not just themselves don't be mislead or make mistakes. And you do need a compcard to better promote yourself.



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