Thursday, January 1, 2009

Modeling Competition And Pageants

Pageants in my mind are a Southern thing. I never knew anyone who did a pageant in the north, aka, NY area. But a girl recently emailed me upset that she did not get any exposure from a recent modeling contest for ethnic woman in NYC.

I answered her with some tips and also by saying that contests pageants, comptitions although popular in the past are not credible today. Even the girls who win America's Next Top Model really don't go anywhere. And the losers you never hear of again. So it is a waste of time in my opinion to go for a contest. Contests are not credible in the real modeling world. An agent that works with top beauty brands and skincare brands and magazines isn't going to care if you won a contest. They want to see your photos and know how professional you are and if you have personality. Yet if you are considering a contest, please don't do it on the internet, internet competitions are very lame, and not credible at all. But if you still want to be involved here are some suggestions to consider.

Put your marketing hat on and ask...

Is the contest sponsored by a magazine?

Will there be press at the event?
If so who? It would be good to contact them ahead of time if possible.

What does the winner get? Get in details what the winner receives, not just the fine print on the website...ask to be clear. Don't trust in what you might read.

Ask about speaking to the past winner, or research who is was and ask her about her experience at the competition.

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