Monday, January 5, 2009

Modeling in A Smaller City Tips

A girl on Myspace recently said to me, "i have some pictures on myspace but can read just i stay in st. louis and dont know if the models make it here,where can i get a good start?"

I replied to her her on what she should do:

"I would start researching some commercial print modeling agencies in your town. Near by cities. Also consider small ad agencies, and small companies that you see advertise in newspapers and local magazines. They might need a model.

I would mail them your photos. But having the right photos is important.

I would not rely on your Myspace page or any internet modeling site for that matter to make you a model or be discovered though, -showcasing on the web to get modeling work is purely amatuer and it only leads to scams and mistakes. I also would not direct agents or professionals to your Myspace account it is purely amatuer as well. If you want to model, be prepared for the work and research involved. And you need your photos printed and able to be mailed directly. Or made into a jpeg you can email. However emailing an agency is not the best idea, it is better to print it and mail their offices directly.

Like it or not a short model can find modeling opportunities but only if she stops trying to be so fashion like, and stops trying to show off her body photos and be sexy. There is work in advertising for products and brands even in a small town but a girl has to want that. It takes ALOT of work and research to be a REAL model, working with brands and getting legit work, there no easy road, it doesn't happen by half ass trying, it happens only when you put in the effort and really work at it.

Mainly to promote yourself properly you need to get a headshot, and some shots that show your personality.

Modeling in a small town can happen, but it takes take research and work, like always, and it comes down to you, how you market yourself and how much you put in!

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