Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Model you REALLY are not America's Next Top Model

If you are calling yourself a model but you have not modeled for a product or brand that is something you should work on. Just because the internet allows you to call yourself one doesn't mean you are.

Becareful how you present yourself. When someone asks you "Where could I see you or what modeling work have you done," reality hits. So ask yourself, what can you do to better yourself, your goals and your pursuits?

Modeling is not an internet business, it is a real business. And the model you really are might just be a fantasy. Make sure you are striving realistically.

If you are shorter it won't be the fashion road that gets you in the door. If you are a glamour model you might want to tame down your sexy photos. And start paying attention to what it really takes and means to be a model, and it isn't found on America's Next Top Model or on the internet for that matter.

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