Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Models and Advertising and marketing yourself

Wherever there is advertising and the need for it, there is a need for models, wherever there are brands and companies and business there is a need for models.

Products big and small need models. You can start getting your own modeling work in a legit way by approaching small companies, local magazines, newspapers, and even hair salons, restaurants that might need models for their ad campaigns.

Modeling is not just posing it is represents brands, services and products.

Even colleges need models for their school campaigns. Models are needed to model everything from jewelry to tampons. To grocery stores, and shopping malls, Modeling is all around you, but do you see it that way?

Chase what you want or don't complain. There is no short easy road when it comes to modeling, modeling is not just beauty, perfection and all that stuff, it is pure work.

As I have replied to girls with questions about how they can start modeling,
"Be ready to research and work and put the effort in, being a model is not an easy pursuit. A legit model that is shorter has to really work to get ahead. But if you want something the work is worth it. Having realistic dreams and goals is important and of course being careful and perceptive of who you work with and how you market yourself."


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