Thursday, January 29, 2009

New Models Should you contact Avon to Model? NO

A new model recently asked me about contacting a brand like Avon. I have also had models ask me about approaching brands like Victoria's Secret about modeling. My answer is no. New models should be trying to get experience but also be realistic, because even the models who work with Victoria's Secret are from an agency. A new model should be focusing on her photos, and marketing herself to a print modeling agency. Since many girls who want to be models these days are short they should stick to print modeling. Not fashion. Beauty, print, commercials, and modeling lifestyle products could be an area she pursues.

I like that these models want to seek out brands, but you have to do it in a smart way.

This was my reply to her:

Re: how to contact a brand
Avon is too big of a brand for a new model to approach since they work with top agencies. But she could try contacting local or aspiring makeup bands at makeup tradeshows. The International Beauty Show. Maybe she could work with a brand as a model from networking there. Or maybe there is a local brand in your city?

For a new model she needs to focus on getting expeirence and calling up Avon won't make it happen for a girl with no experience. So she needs to build her experience level, getting experience with aspiring brands is a great way to grow as a model and it can lead to working with an agency and better modeling opportunities. Sometimes you have to show you can model before you get an agency and top brands working with you but her efforts should be put into beauty shots, headshots, targeted in that direction, being realistic is key. She won' be jetset, on a runway or billboard right now and she might not ever but if she can handle the doubt, the letdowns, the no's, and keep her confidence she might find some great work, but it is up to her and her own will to try.

A headshot is the most important photo a model needs. Then comes an energy and smile shot and also a shot involving a product. So create photos that speak about what you can model and hopefully one day you will for a brand like Avon, but as a new model you should focus on the images you need to get the agency you need to get the work you want.


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