Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Modeling advice: How to submit to a brand

A girl recently asked me on Facebook what she should put in a letter when mailing her compcard or photo to a brand.

This was my answer:

As a shorter model the magazines and brands you should contact are not Bazaar type magazines, nor, vogue, nor elle, instead focus on lifestyle women's magazines, magazines for lifestyle interests including, Marie Claire, Glamour, knitting magazines, travel magazines, jewelry, bridal, etc. And brands should be accessory brands for better results. Shoes, jewerly, handbags, scarves, haircare, etc. NOT FASHION.

Of course send photos that match the style of the magazine/ brand.

Mail a professional photo,-aka: photo that fits the style of the brand to the photo editor at magazines, and mail to the marketing department, creative director, or photographer for the brand.

Include a letter that reads something like, "Hi, my name is ____ and I really love your product...(magazine, whatever...), I would be interested in modeling for your up comign editorials/ad campaign, print advertising needs ( depending on who are mailing). My number is: ________ my email is ____________. Do not send them to FACEBOOK, or MYSPACE, it is corny and unprofessional.

It would be smart to go to tradeshows and craft shows and introduce yoruself to some vendors. Try to promote you and bring your compcard but remember, modeling is a tough business, you could mail out 50 cards and only hear back from one, or none. So you have to have enough confidence to continue on and keep trying, which is why many girls give up. Self promotion is NOT easy. And it takes more than a pretty face, and nice body to be a model - IT TAKES DRIVE! And not just ANY DRIVE, it takes a smart marketing mentality and it is a TON of work.

But hustling to get some of your own tearsheets ,experience and credits can lead to bigger things an an agency getting more interested you.

I am blogging today about why a model needs an agent at petitemodelingtips.blogspot.com, and tomorrow speaking on my model talk radio show about the body part modeling world at 1pm EST, tune in.



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