Friday, January 2, 2009

Petite Models in Advertising Campaigns

I think of modeling as a marketing business. It is a good thing for a striving model to know about the marketing side of business and the impact the advertising world has on models.

Modeling no matter your size or height is a competitive business, and it is also competitive for the brands you might work with. There are so many brands out there and these brands need models. Most of these models are not fashion height. Most are actually "commercial print models" and you see them in print ads and commercials for lifestyle products. For a shorter girl, who wants a modeling agency, I would think about advertising and target your photos and submission to the agency based around ads you want to be in.

With so many brands becoming more commercial and trying to compete with their competition with online advertising, TV commercials, print ads, there is opportunties for a shorter model working within advertising campaigns for lifestyle products.

For example:
Modeling for an ad campaign for a cell phone company whether it is print or a TV commercial would be a better modeling job to pursue than to be on the runway.

A petite model or shorter girl, should think of advertising and marketing campaigns when it comes to creating her compcard and mailing the modeling agency her photos. To get the idea of the photos you need notice the energy and smiles within commercials, product ads, where you see a girl, who might not be of fashion height modeling for the product's image. Then create shots that involve holding a product or using one in a natural way. Monkey see. Monkey do. Looking at ads is the best way for a model to understand how she should stylized or not stylize her photos, how her makeup should be(less is more), and that a smile is actually her best selling tool when it comes to getting a commercial print modeling agency, and the ways she should use what she does have to get ahead.

Modeling involves modeling something. So when you are presenting yourself to an agency keep in mind that the agency gets calls from ad agencies, art directors, editors at magazines, marketing professionals, and those in the advertising world, so create your photos to look like you can handle modeling something, even for a dish soap, modeling is more than fashion and if a girl understands this, and promotes herself with marketing and advertising in mind, she will have a better chance getting an agency.

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