Thursday, July 31, 2008

modeling only for perfection is wrong

I don't model for my ego, but I have been in contact with many girls who ask me if "I think they are good enough to model," and if "they should try modeling?" For me it was always a pursuit I wanted to do, not because someone told me I could, but because I wanted to do it, and strive to still do it each day. I think having confidence is so important when it comes to pursuing a business that is based on your look and perfection, whether it is a modeling casting (audition) for a leg or your face, you have to be able to roll with the No's and take it in stride and fight on, and continue to pursue. The truth is You aren't going to WIN every modeling job, the truth is you might never be on an ad campaign or billboard, but if you want something, set goals, aim high but be realistic. Modeling is a tough business, and whether it is a tampon commercial or Gucci ad, it comes down to " do you have the look they are looking for," and "are you what they are looking for."

If you don't book the job it isn't the end all, but learn from your experiences, castings, modeling jobs, and opportunities, and in life when you want to be something you have to strive, and there is no easy road to being a model that works with real brands, real agencies, and real products and get a real paycheck. It takes persistance, It Does take WORK! And if you are modeling only for an ego boost or because of a break up, or using modeling as your crutch it is not a good idea at all!

Modeling is a business of No's and being what they are looking for, if you aren't then there is always tomorrow and the next casting, and the next opportunity to look forward to but you have to be realistic with yourself. Yes there are many types of models, but something they all have in common, is having great skin, a clean look, energy, and ambition.

Being a Model Today and The Tools you Need Video

Hey, I just made a new video on Being a model Today and the marketing tools you need to be a model, get an agency and work in the industry.

Enjoy the segment here on

I hope this helps you to understand the tools you need and how just having a Myspace page won't make you purely a model, and the ways you get prepare for marketing yourself the right way as a model.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

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Enjoy my segment tonight on Model Talk, based on Model Beauty and Model Skincare.

Audio books are great for girls on the go!

preparing for a photo shoot and using your brain to model

I think being a model does involve a creative side. When I plan my shoots I have even sketched ideas. Here are some tips when it comes to preparing for shoots and finding a good photographer:

1. Don't waste your time shooting for no reason. That is number #. Just standing infront of the camera won't make anything happen, you have to prepare for the shoot, plan the style, the makeup, the look. Just shooting isn't enough it comes down to quality! You should see the photographers portfolio, his/ her work ahead of time. If possible meet the photographer ahead of time.

2. Know the type of photos you need before you do the shoot, prepare with ideas flowing and don't just shoot for the sake of feeling like a model because that will get you no where but just feeling hot for a couple hours. When it is over will you still be a model? Well, that comes down to what you produced. You want to create photos that are going to benefit your look and what you are capable of as a model.

3. Sometimes you can get one good shot from a shoot or many, it depends on many things: The goal of the shoot, if the photography session is meant to just cover one style or if you are going to shoot a couple looks. Sometimes it is better to go after one goal per shoot so that you acomplish what you need and make sure you don't waste time, money, ect.

4. Testing is popular among photographers, but I would send an idea to the photographer, try to bring more than just yourself, bring ideas to the shoot, show your personality, show you have a brain and a plan.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Use your body in a new way to be a model

You can use your body and still model, but the type of modeling is called "parts modelng," if you have a nice body you can use it to work in print, commercials, tv, and work with top brands and magazines. A nice way to build a portfolio if you are petite is to use your parts to get ahead in a commercial way.

How to start: You need photos of your parts and body photographed in ways that look like ads, focus on lignerie and underwear ads that show the behind, but in a commercial way, focus on shots of legs, and hips, and stomaches, that are used for parts modeling, a sexy examples is the ad for Cabana Cachaca I just saw in Interview magazine. The ad shows a girls bare legs and hips and stomach, enhancing the bikini tan line, for the brazilian alcohol brand. Another ad is above. This can give you an idea of how to shoot a parts shot, in a more commercial way for a shoe product, or jewerly you can also consider the others I have enclosed.

the best thing to do is to put together a parts card that highlights your best assets, and parts..

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Getting a modeling agency Drama

A girl recently asked me how she could get a modeling agency, but her photos all looked the same, and didn't look modeling agency quality. I think this is the most popular question I get these days.

Well, getting a modeling agency takes more than just knowing the street and address of where to mail you photos, it involves having the right photos.

The best photos a petite model can have is commercial print photos, photos that show your personality and energy. Your smile helps. A lot of girls forget the importance of just having natural shots and they end up trying to hard to be something they aren't and then dwell on why things are not moving ahead for them.

If you focus on your photos and making them sell you in the right way, the commercial print way, you will be on your way to get a modelign agency, you can get a modeling agency even if you are short, but you need to have more than a shot of you sticking up butt out. Models are needed of all heights, -Of course it helps if you are proportioned- but you do have a chance to work with a modeling agency if you do have photos that are sellable, involve products, and look like ads.

Sellable photos: You might want to stop shooting fashion photos if you do not have the fashion modeling measurements, it would be better to focus on getting photos that actually will benefit you instead. If you are petite you should focus on photos that look like you are selling a product in it, example: ads and editorials, ad campaigns. You might want to spend some time looking at photos in magazines. If you don't show photos that look quality, how can you expect to get quality work as a model. You will need photos which can be made into a sellable compcard and used for your castings, and printed for a modeling portfolio.

It might take a few weeks or months to get everything together photo wise, but if you want more out of your modeling you have to make the effort.

You should mail your compcard to the agencies or photos, but models are expected to make compcards and you should also have some clue of the type of photos you should put on the card, before you make one. You should learn about modeling, what it is, how the business works, and the types of modeling out there, and your chances, before you try to approach agencies.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Be picky about the photographers you work with!

It is important to be picky about the photographers you work with. Especially with all the scams, jerks, and amateurs online.

You don't want to be naive about it so make sure you analyze their work and make sure they are professional. And have some credits. Too many times I have heard stories of girls who got scammed or ripped off, never got photos, and we have all been through it, so becareful!

It is better to shoot with one great photographer and invest in yourself, than work with a bunch of no-body,waste of time photographers.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

modeling and beauty tips for skin

It is important for a model to have great skin and take care of it. Here are some tips:

1. Drink water, your body needs water and is made up of water and needs it to look and feel alive.

2. Moisturize daily, your hands, your legs, your neck (many girls forget their neck) you back, your thighs, knees, anywhere there is skin, and don't forget your bikini line!

3. No cake! Don't cake on the makeup, makeup can make your face break out easy, make sure at night to remove your makeup, cleanse your face, and exfoliate.

4. Go natural. Make sure a couple days of the week you go easy on your makeup, let your skin breath, it is important to let your skin be without makeup for a day.

Monday, July 21, 2008

What does it mean to freelance model?

When it comes to agencies for new models: It is best to freelance, and work with many agencies. Think of yourself like a product, a business, you can't just expect one person, one agency or agent to make you a model. Like magic. Just because you walk into the agency door or go to an open call doesn't mean you will stay inside and get work as a model. You have to prove you can. Sure there are girls who are blessed with fashion proportions and get with an agency but being a model is HARD, very hard no matter your height.

The height factor is second, first is focusing on your positive traits, and what you CAN offer the modeling industry.

You can prove your can model by having great photos. ( if you are having trouble getting photos you can enjoy this video I made on inventive ways to get free photos.)

Being babied is not the realistic plan to becoming a model.

It takes a lot of thought and planning.

You have to put the effort in. I do everything myself from planning my shoots to get the photos to need, to my submissions, to my prep for castings, and taking care of my body and skin, and can proudly say I have made myself a model. To this day I am working as a model, and it didn't happen and doesn't happen by just letting someone else do all the work for you.

Modeling 101 What a tearsheet and do you need a modeling portfolio

A tearsheet is what you call a magazine ad or editorial or ad camapign or catalog that you have done, and you rip it out of the magazine and put it in your modeling portfolio. So see, yes the portfolio is needed.

Yes the web means that you can have your photo on the agency website, but that doesn't mean you don't need marketing tools and a portfolio!

I bring my portfolio to all my castings.
I bring my compcard too.

Some agencies scam girls by making them pay to get a modeling portfolio shot, and a compcard created.

But honestly, if you take it upon yourself and you think like a business, you can make your own compcard and modeling portfolio photos. Don't wait! Invest in yourself.

You really need to work with good photographers. And modeling doesn't have to be sexy! What about modeling for hair, beauty, shoes, jewerly, handbags, ect??? But to get work doing this, it would be best to show yourself modeling these items in your shots, and looking at ads and editorials and creating the shots you need.

It is easy to start yourself but you need to work with good photographers, and do your research, and be involved with your pursuits.

Set goals for yourself. You can freelance with an agency but that doesn't mean you can't find your own modeling work too. If you live in a small town, why not drop by a local hair salon and ask if they might need a model for their window ads?

Bring your portfolio, and compcard.

Having a tearsheet can help you get interest from an agent. It's like having experience before you go for the job.

sending photos to magazines

Don't just send any ol' photo to a magazine. Send one that matches the style of the magazine. Alot of girls share with me the frustration of not hearing back from their submissions but maybe the problem isn't the effort they are putting it, maybe it is their photos.

Are you sending photos that don't intrigue the photo editors? Are you just randomly sending a photo without thinking, "does this photo fit the magazine?"

Magazines get many submissions, and usually work with agencies, before the model. But it is worth a shot, especially for smaller magazines to submit yourself.

To get ahead, think small first. Build your portfolio, build your experience:

Try submitting to a local magazine even, maybe you don't have a modeling agent or modeling agency but you can still market yourself if you have good photos, or if you live in a small town look into the newspapers, try to get intouch with the editors, and of course be selective about the photos you send!

You can e-mail editors but also direct mail is a good idea as well.

Think inventively, think about realistic ways you can get tearsheets and a resume rolling.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

How to model in 2008

Modeling these days is not based on just having an agent and being basically set and busy working as a model, Nope, that is not how working as a model happens. Being a model involves really thinking inventively and like a marketer, and seeking out a modeling agency that would be a good fit for you.

Many girls that want to work as a model approach the business the wrong way.

Either relying on the internet to make themselves seen and discovered or not marketing themselves in a way that is realistic and fits for the type of model they actually are.

Modeling these days is about doing research,and submissions. By submitting your photos in the mail to agencies, casting directors, and being a self starter.

Sure if you are looking for a quick 5 minutes of admiration being an internet model is an easy way out, but really being a model, working with brands, magazines, and getting consistant work as a model involves really marketing yourself. Thinking of yourself like a business, you are a product and you are pitching it to agencies to get representation so you can get the casting information and hopefully be booked. It is a domino effect. You need more than just a cute face to be a model these days.

The other day I was talking to a photographer and he mentioned how a middle aged woman he recently shot wanted to model jewelry and wanted to get an agency but she couldn't find one? I told him. "well maybe she isn't marketing herself to the right agencies?"

Having photos isn't enough, it is pointless without marketing yourself the right way. Models can be every age, height and weight, but it is not fashion modeling, it is commercial print modeling.

It isn't an easy thing to be a model, it takes persistance, it takes knowing how to market yourself, knowing what agencies to send your photos to and being open minded but at the same time honest with yourself about where you can actually get work as a model and what areas of modeling you can really do.

You don't have to be in a thong if you don't want to. You can be a model by simply just being yourself. The word model really means Selling. So if your photos don't show that you have personality, and can work a product...especially in this material really need to get them. The future is all about products, commercial brands, and they need models of all ages to model them.

Modeling in 2008 is about making yourself seen, and showing you can in deed model. And submitting to agencies that actually work with models of all types. Modeling is not just fashion and it is not just vogue. Knowing your niche, where you fit in the business is so important to get ahead as a model these days.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

More to Modeling than Interent Modeling

Usually websites do not get models or those trying to be models work. By just having your photo on a website and being able to download an image doesn't make you a model and it doesn't mean work will come to you. Instead of using modeling websites to promote yourself, you should make a compcard and headshot and mail it to agents and casting directors.

You will have better results. I think there is a lot of terrible amatuer photographers out there and the web is full of them.

You can make some big mistakes by working with the wrong people.

I know the web makes the modeling playground seem so intriguing, but I wrote a book all about the highs and lows of using the internet to get ahead as a model and there are a lot more lows than highs.

Knowing that anyone can download their photos on a website it makes the word model mean that anyone can be one. But honestly when the marketing executives at Nike or Revlon want a model, they do not go to the internet modeling sites. The big brands, the brands that make you a working model....go to modeling agencies.

SO if you are not with a commercial print modeling agency you will never even know about this casting or modeling opportunity.

The web seems like the easy way in to the modeling business but it isn't. IN my mind the web is for those who want to FEEL like models not BE them.

My best advice is to skip the internet, use it at a research tool, there is no real benefit of posting your photo on a modeling website. You will mostly meet amatuer photographers who have no sense or purpose to hold a camera, don't expect to get ahead as a model by simply downloading your photo on a website and just thinking work will come to you. is not the modeling business. You have to have physical compcards, physical headshots, not just a jpeg. You need a print.

I would invest in photos, in a compcard and headshot, Agents want to see that you have your marketing tools.

listen in to my Model Talk about how to manage yourself as a model:

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Less is best for your Modeling portfolio

You only need to show the best photos. Agents and art directors will judge you based on your worst image so it is best to try to make ALL of the images you put in your portfolio fantastic.

If you are unsure of how many to include in the portfolio, up to 5-10 is best to start, don't over do it. It is better to show 5 GREAT photos than ten just OK ones.

Your modeling PORTFOLIO PRINTS should BE 9" x 12"

When it comes to printing for your modeling portfolio, and headshot, consider:

8" x 10" is the size for a headshot.

When comes to prints of modeling photos for your portfolio the standard size is: 9" x 12."

Your portfolio should fit this size print. So a portfolio 12.5 x 9.5 would be best.

Your portfolio should be black or white- You can get one at B&H Photo or any professional photo store, could run from $40- over $100 dollars depending on the book. You should put only your BEST photos in the book. Don't try to rush and put every print in there, take your time. Your book represents you.

If you can not find a printing place in your town consider Adorama. Great prices. They print and ship nation wide.

I use them all the time for my modeling prints.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

How to get a modeling agent with the right compcard

If you want to get a modeling agent, you need quality photos. Plain and simple.

You need photos that show that you can model, it takes more than just downloading a random photo of yourself on the web to be a model...., and the photos you need to be a model should show you modeling a product, l-Isn't that what modeling is anyways!?....Like modeling a handbag, or accessories. Make your photos look like ads and editorials. The more sellable your photos are the better. Because your NOT just impressing the agent, you trying to book the job that the agent is sending you out for, and you want your images to say YES I can model. I have the energy you want to see, I have lifestyle photos that show my personality. I have an intriguing look, and I am the girl for the job.

For more on what you need on your modeling compcard see my youtube video on What you need on your modeling compcard here:

Isobella Jade

Friday, July 11, 2008

Do you mail your compcard or email it?

Are you only using email to promote yourself and the web?

If you haven't considered to mail your compcard and headshot to agents then you might not really book serious work as a model.

To get work with brands that everyone knows world wide it takes working with the right people, the right agents and going to the right castings. Getting the opportunity doesn't come from simply using the web.

You need printed material of your self, printed photo and this is also called a comp card, an example is enclosed. A compcard shows your diversity and it is your best marketing tool.

Mailing physically the agents your compcards is the best way to get results.

It is also best to stay busy when you are submitting and to not give up! Just because you don't hear back doesn't mean you shouldn't model, maybe it is your photos, maybe it is the timing, maybe the agency isn't interested now but maybe you should mail them in another few months and try again!

Print is the best way to get the attention of an agent. Agencies are used to mail and getting it directly at their office.

I would not stop by the agency without calling and asking if they have open calls first. Open calls let aspiring models, show their portfolios and get a chance to be seen by an agent. Anyone can go to an open call, staying inside the agency and getting on their board is a different story sometimes.

It does help to have some experience, have had a few photoshoots, and even booked a modeling job yourself. Perhaps with a local magazine, or aspiring jewelry designer, anything that can say "I have the ambitious personality and drive to be a model" is a bonus!

Try mailing your photos directly to agencies if you are not having luck through using the internet.

Shoe modeling- it isn't just the size foot

To be a shoe model you need to be a size six. There really is a demand for this type of thing.

But it doesn't just come down to size. Shoe modeling also involves having the right foot fit.

Yesterday I went to a casting for a shoe company and my foot fit the size six shoe, but my foot was too narrow. The shoe was meant for a wider size six.

So don't get discouraged if you foot doesn't pass the test!

Every shoe brand needs a different foot and has a different fit.

Kind of like shopping for shoes, not all size six fit the same.

If you want to shoe model you should also consider print modeling as well.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

How often should I change my modeling photos and headshot?

You should change your modeling photos,comp card and headshot every 6 months. But it also depends on if the card you have is working for you or not?

I have gone through so many compcards and headshots over the years. Really it is good to have a few different selections. ( I always suggest for cheap cards).

Here are some signs that you need a new compcard and headshot:

For a headshot: Does the photo represent the jobs you want to get? Are you showing the face of someone that fits the roles, auditions and castings you are going to? If you are trying to portray the girl next door but your look is too sexy then you will not get booked.

Is the shot straight on to the camera and do your eyes speak? Eyes are a great marketing tool, and your eyes in a headshot should speak and emotion.

For a compcard: Are you showing the photos you need to get the jobs you want? Are you showing shots that are sellable? Do the shots involve energy? A Product? Do they look like ads and editorials?- even if they aren't, do they still have the vibe of an ad or editorial or ad campaign?

Are you showing a smile. The smile is the most important marketing tool a model can use. Many girls forget the smile too.

Are all the photos on your card showing a new theme,look, and style? If you hair is long, do you have a shot that shows it both up and down? Are you showing the same photo basically in all 4 pictures or are they different? Do you have energy in your shots? It is good to have at least one energy or interaction shot of you DOING something. Riding a bike, running, walking a dog, laughing, drinking coffee, even doing your hair, putting lipstick on.

Test out your compcard for a few months, mail it to agents, if you don't hear back it might not be YOU, it might be your photos.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Modeling photos and advice: The importance of the laughing shot

It is important to have the smiling shot, the laughter shot, and don't think modeling is just posing stiff and posing. Sometimes it is just being yourself.
many girls forget the simple importance of having just a simple smile shot. It can go a long way, especially if you aren't 5'10", having a nice smile shot can make you a step closer to print work and commercial work.

The word commercial means laughter, personality, and selling the brand with your personality. Think about brands like payless, dove, Pizza hut, banks, alcohol commercials ( although you have to be 25 to be in an alcohol related ad/commercial), count the smiles- there are so many smiles.

Modeling is what you see in ads and editorials and commercials, it isn't just Vogue. It can be your smile.

Three Photos models need

I met with a girl today and she said she wanted to model for Tiffany's, I told her to get some close up body part shots, put on some earings and jewerly, and make a PARTS card. It is called being ambitious, making it happen, and being APART of your pursuits. I believe if you want to model for something, whether it is beauty, makeup, shoes, or jewerly you have to prove it. You need your marketing tools and you need to even art direct some of your shoots to get the shots you need.

Three photos that all models need are:

1. A Headshot, a shot that looks like a beauty jewelry ad, or headshot, smiles help, but also you can just have a soft bright eyed, nice skin glow.

2. Energy shot. If your headshot is a smile you could skip this. But a smile and action shot that shows your personality is important. Modeling is more about your personality than you might be considering. Energy shots are great for commercial print modeling work, and interaction with other people, models, and even a shot of you walking a dog and smiling.

3. The Body Shot. It could be fitness related, not always in a bikini. You could be working out, on a treadmill, running, or posing still in a bikini like a catalog shot. A smile is good too!

Include accessories and products in your shots, if you want to model for something you have to show it in your photos.

Look at ads, editorials, magazines to get inspired when it comes to your photos and getting the shots you need.

Monday, July 7, 2008

keeping or getting rid of your modeling agency?

Being with the best modeling agency out there doesn't matter if it won't help you. Consider this: Think of basketball...would you want to be with the best team but only be sitting on the bench and not really show your skills- ?

Even if the agency isn't the best, or most busy, or a smaller agency, or a niche agency, might be a better experience for you.

Also you might get more attention.

Don't get hung up on who are WITH in name, what really matters is:
Are they sending you out on castings?
When you call do they know who you are, or are you just another girl calling?
Do they give you honest advice about your photos, ect?
Do they reply and respond to your phone calls?

If the answers are no, then you need to get with a better agency, one that can market you.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Know your body and how to model with it

Do you know your body? Do you know how to pose with a product, have you ever looked in the mirror and noticed how your body moves and changes when you change your pose. Do you know the way to angle your body to appear longer?

It is a good idea to know your body if you want to be a model. It helps at castings and also for your shoots. Especially since sometimes you don't have direction, or you get last minute direction on how to pose or you are basically expected to know how to do the job.

The other day at my casting - my legs were photographed, and I was in sneakers, I had to know pose my legs, which in my petite frame do not appear not as long without heels, so I had to know how to stretch them and angle them for the shot.

It came from understanding the perspective of the camera against my body and proportions. I know that if I angle my arm I certain way or do create proportional space between my limbs I will look bigger in photos. I know if I don't stretch or point my toe or arch my back I can look chubby, even at only 96lbs!

It is important to really know your body and how to model with it.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

What to do at the modeling casting

All my castings are different, and the casting director or marketing professional, or editor is always looking for something different, it makes my job as a model involve guessing a lot.

I had two castings today.

For the fitness casting I was told it was for my whole body, so I figured I should wear something that showed it. So I put on my bikini and some work out short shorts, I wore a tank top over my bikini top and headed to Third Ave. I had on minimal makeup because for a fitness editorial usually they don't want you to have full makeup applied. Just curled my lashes, and some light lip-gloss. I walked into the office ready. A couple other girls were waiting in the reception area, one in jeans, and one in a dress. (I guess I could have changed here after -all but I like to walk in looking the part). When it was my turn I had to show my body, side profile, and flex my arms and legs, I forgot a hair tie, (hint) but it worked out well. I am not a pro-fitness model but I think I have a nice enough body for a health editorial.

On to the next casting:

The hair company wanted to see your face and hair length, and I had to wear something with a solid color (I chose a red tube dress) and fluffed my hair a little before I went in, my hair is pin straight so it is hard for it to have bounce without spending 30 minutes on it sometimes. Just didn’t have time in-between my commute today.
Before I went in I added some lipstick and mascara to give my face a more beauty look.

We’ll see!

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