Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Wanting to model, wanting to market

Marketing yourself as a model is the biggest importance right now in the modeling industry for a new model. It isn't just about walking into an open call and getting an agencies attention, it is about being prepared and being smart and not just being toyed with. Many girls who want to model are under 5'5" and they get the wrong mindset of what it means to be a model and how to be one by TV and what they might see even in magazines. Modeling for a girl that is short is possible but it doesn't involve walking the door and snap! like magic becoming a model. It takes some prep work ahead of time. Being a model today is possible for girls of all heights because there is a need for models of all types today, from all ethnicities to everything from hand modeling, shoe modeling, to beauty, and fit modeling, modeling is not just the runway, and not just one type of look anymore. I like looking at a girl with a unique flaw to her, imperfections that make her who she is. And give her that second glance look. Who cares if your teeth are not perfect, or your legs are not as long as you hoped, you can still model, but it comes down to how you market yourself.

If you are complaining about how to get a modeling agent, how you don't have one, how you don't have work as a model, maybe it comes down to how you are marketing yourself? Do your photos speak on what type of model you can be? I know it might sound backwards being you have to be in control of your pursuits, especially if you are petite model, or shorter model, you might have to approach agencies yourself, not be discovered at the beach, you will have to make your own compcard and mail it out to agencies, and submit yourself to the agencies you want to work with. You will have to start thinking of a modeling portfolio and the tools you need to become a model.

You are not a model until you are paid by a top brand, and have been in an ad campaign in my mind, and it takes more than just "calling" yourself a model in some slutty lingerie to be one. Unless the slutty lingerie is for a top brand!

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