Thursday, September 25, 2008

Being a serious model tips-how to get a modeling agency

Are you stuck in a rut? Not sure how to get a modeling agent? Well, it is no easy feat for a short girl but it is possible, but ask yourself, are you really trying and in the right ways? Many girls like to call themselves models, but being a model doesn't really happen until you are working with a brand for a product ad, commercial, or catalog, and getting a paycheck with that brand. To really model you need to work with real agencies, legit ones, and ones that have a good reputation. If you are short it is possible to get a modeling agency but you have to market yourself in most likely a more conversative style. A lot of shorter girls do not have the right photos to market themselves to agencies that will welcome them. The photos they have are TOO fashiony, or too sexy, so it is best to really start over your images and focus on getting a good headshot, the headshot alone can get you in teh door to an agency, but unlike fashion agencies, most commercial print agencies DO NOT have open calls, legit commercial modeling agencies do not have open calls and do not ask for money to join their agency board, basically you just mail your photos in the mail to the agencies and you will get a call if your look is liked.

Think about the agency you are submitting to. Stop by their website. What do their girls look like on the website, what do their photos look like? What kind of expressions and style are their poses? Pay attention these things because obviously the agency like these types of models. So focus on your photos and mailings, the more you submit the higher your chances. If you are stuck in a rut, ask yourself: What are you doing for you? Are you just sitting around waiting, have you done a few shoots and just submitted to a few agencies? Thats it? Get after it! You can't just expect things to happen in a few days, it takes time. And ALOT of WORK!

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