Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Models Working with Designers- how to do it and why you should

Models that are aspiring, trying to find an agent and get modeling work should try to work with designers, and aspiring designers. Throughout the start of my pursuits I did work with many aspiring designers the benefits were that:

Most designers want a quality photographer to shoot their goods and they want good models as well. This will be an opportunity to work with a good photographer and work with a brand and product.

You can get exposure. If you are in the shots that involve the products that are being marketed to magazines, and for press releases, then if the photos appear in the magazine then you will get that tear sheet in the magazine too! You will get that exposure too.

Usually the designers will give you good quality images which you can use as well for your modeling portfolio and compcard.

You will get practice working with brands, you will learn how to work with a product, how to hold it and make it apart of the shot and keep an equal balance between you and the product, modeling isn't just about YOU, it is about you working the product!

Usually accessory products are not as picky about height, you can model jewerly, hats, shoes, handbags, and get some modeling experience, better photos and you can share this experience with a commercial print modeling agency that you want to be with.

How to do it:

1. Go to fashion events, craft shows for jewerly, industry tradeshows, bring a photo of yourself -could just be a 4 x 6 photo with your contact number- if you don't have a compcard it is ok, just try to make it a nice photo, with a smile. You can hand them off at the events, shows, but most important GET THE BUSINESS CARDS of the company, it is better to send the photo through email, and DON'T send LINKS just attach the jpeg and your info and your interest in modeling for the brand.
2. Read the news, read WWD, read about new designers, and companies, read AD Age too, Read the news to notice the features and contact the brands about if they need a model. Elle magazine features a lot of up coming designers as well for accessories.
3. Google! use google as a research tool. Google jewerly designer + your city, handbag designer + your city, and so on, think innovatively, research and try to find designers than might need models, usually the aspiring designer is more likely to need models like yourself, you both can benefit eachother.

Don't be greedy, you might not get paid for your time at first, but you will get an experience that will help build your experience as a model, which can lead to bigger things.

When presenting yourself:
It is important to send and show photos of yourself that are clear, show personality, smiles, and your whole body.

Mention your best assets, "I have great eyes," I have great skin" etc.

To be a model, sometimes you have to open the door yourself, and start promoting you to the right companies that are ambitious like you are. Your portfolio will benefit, the agency will like it, and you will most likely get some good photos which you can use for a compcard too.

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