Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Girls having low expectations for Modeling and Acting pursuits

Are you just wanting to be seen so bad that you find yourself making mistakes, working with the wrong people and rushing for that quick exposure without thinking " is this the right way to market myself?"

It is the same thing that happened in the entertainment business as a whole.

I think this happens to actresses as well as aspiring models. And I think many writers who write for TV write with low expectations of their audience, and viewers. Alot of what I see on TV is dumbing down society and the viewer. I can't stand watching TV these days. Terrible! I feel like the writers expect me to stay interested in a show that is full of attitude problems, and issues. I really just don't have time for that shit.

Maybe it's just me but wherever I turn someone is trying to be a model fast, be an actress fast, be a prize winning writer, start a new business fast, fast, fast. I shake my head.

Real success doesn't happen over night. Rushing it doesn't make your life, bank account or pursuits any better, and sometimes the rush means that you have low expectations for yourself, not high ones.

The ride to success comes with having higher expectations, and a realistic mindset.

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