Friday, September 12, 2008

Myspace Models and Modeling Advice

On Myself I get approached by my aspiring models, all asking advice and my tips on their photos and such. I do my best to answer them all. Here is a question from one girl recently:

"i just wanted to ask how did you become a model when you're "almost 5'4""because i'm 5'4" and everyone is telling me i can't be a model. but they say i have the body structure for it.and some people say face for it too.but i don't know.I know it's possible for you but what did you have to do? "

The type of modeling you should look into is called:commercial print. Lifestyle modeling. you photos just need to be natural and show personality and energy. Agencies to look at in NYC are:R&L models
FFT models
PARTS Models
Flaunt models
cunningham escott...and many others

Starting to model involves having two things:
A headshot and a nice energy shot that shows your whole body.

I would look at the commercial print modeling agency websites in your hometown or city,- Google the words commercial print modeling agencies - there are print agencies out there- it all about finding them- and there is a difference sometimes at agencies between PRINT divisions and commercial print modeling agencies that work strickly with commercial print models. Models of all heights. For this type of modeling you need to use your personality.

Focus on getting a nice headshot. And then mailing the agencies your photos, the big thing that many girls forget and which you sholdn't forget is that MODELING is jot just fashion and not only playboy...modeling is for many lifestyle products from sunglasses, to tampons! even Lenscrafters. Models model for banks, skincare, hair care, jewerly, handbags, panty hose, shoes, you name it, And this type of modeling invovling products and it called commercial print modeling.

Just be yourself, show your personality, act like your selling a product in your photos, you can get far doing that alone. Agents want to see that you can WORK with products and they need samples and proof you can model, especially if you are short. So show this in your images.

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