Saturday, September 13, 2008

Modeling Agency Advice

Impressing the modeling agency can involve some savvy research and effort. It isn't just about mailing photos to all the modeling agencies you can think of, it is about sending photos that actually sell you and intrigue them. The best way to start thinking about the photos you need are to look in magazines and editorials and to focus on these types of ads for inspiration:

Jewerly ads- usually the models face is clear, and natural, and her face is straight on or slightly angled. Shows her neck and eye features. Hair is normally not dramatic, swept up, or curled, or pushed away from the necklace to reveal the product. Could be smiling or not smiling.
The Shot is taken Only from the shoulders up and showing the hands and arms as well sometimes.

Skincare and makeup ads- usually the model is showing off the product for lips, eyes, and skin, the face is smiling, the shot is taken from the shoulders up.

Hair care ad- the shot is from the chest up, or shoulder up and the hair is the focus, but the eyes of the model speak and stand out as well. The clothing is simply to give the focus on the face.


Dieter said...

Nice post but think how will be the world without models or beautiful womans.

isobella jade said...

There is beauty in everyone but the modeling business is a business and you have to think about it in that way, how can you best market you as a model, that is the question and it comes down to being savvy and smart, no dumb model is going to last or get the chance these days. Especially if she is short.

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