Thursday, September 4, 2008

Self-esteem issues and Models

I love sharing my daily tips on my blogs, videos and pod cast Model Talk, because to any girl who wants to be a model needs some honest advice and most of the girls who want to be models are under 5'5".

Wanting to be a model isn't anything new, long before the internet girls wanted to be seen, desired, and be a model, but today it is so loud and seen and it seems every girl has the title or wants to have the title somehow.

Wanting to be a model is not a problem, it is a problem though if you have low self esteem and you are wanting to be a model not really for a profession but for just your own ego that needs tendering.

On the other hand, it isn't just low self image that makes a girl obsessed to be a model, it is the industry standards that scream that a girl has to be 5'9" or taller to be one. The standards can lead even a girl who is attractive and has an interesting look to end up working with jerks, perverts, and assholes.

The standard of the modeling world in height can lead a shorter girl to use social internet sites, where they mingle and shoot with "guys with cameras" who make them feel like models, when really they are just trying to learn what real modeling is the wrong way.

A girl falls for a scam when she is sometimes really wants to be a model but just doesn’t know how to start and ends up doing things that actually could lose her dignity. But it IS possible to be a model no matter your height, it is possible for a short girl to get modeling work, so when these girls end up having low expectations it comes from not really understanding the possibilities out there...the truth really....the real industry is about advertising and for advertising models of all heights and colors, and kinds are needed. Really to be a model it is about knowing what you are good at and good for, and having confidence is a big part of that,- these days there are models of all kinds, hand models, shoe models, hair models, and the print world and commercial print modeling world is more welcome to girls of all heights, it is all about how you market yourself and how you present yourself to agents, modeling is not just fashion, modeling is for products and brands and magazines of all types and they need models of all types for it.

I think TV has been the biggest misconception of what it means to be a model. Reality TV has really screwed the word backwards!

isobella jade.

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