Monday, September 22, 2008

Model Style in the Colder Months-yes it is possible!

To look good and be fashionable in the winter you need to keep in mind a few things:

1. The power of the silk scarf, it not only looks trendy and fashionable but it can keep you warm, but scarfs in ALL colors, sizes, lengths, and thickness.

2. Blazers, -I hope you have a few, I love them. It might be a pain to wear a blazer under a coat, so it feels like you have two coats on right? Well, suck it up because blazers are a cute way to stay warm, and have a little slinky top on under to keep your skin feeling alive.

3. Fall and Winter coats in all colors, not just black, I saw a cute pink coat the other day, with cute ties and belts are key!

4. Jeans tucked in boots always looks good.

5. I love zipper and button sweaters and cardigans more than sweaters.

6. Get some cute tights, lacey, thick ones, I love brown, black and cream colors, also light pink is cute. I also love tights with designs on them, like flannel or a pattern.

7. I love sweater dresses, my favorite. I love them in all colors and textures.

8. Boots, ankle boots, to really high boots are a must but be picky and look carefully when shopping, think of a boot that can go from running errends to drinks or dinner? I love gray boots best right now!

9. Gloves, dress up your out fit with some cute gloves, I like vintage ones from vintage stores, I usually save those for special night or days out, otherwise I wear the cheap ones, like a dollar!

10. Hats. I love peddler hats and caps, I love hats that look like riding caps. Bomber hats are really cute too. Usually East Village or SoHo shopping for me.

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