Sunday, September 21, 2008

Using your body to model- body modeling

There is nothing wrong with using your body to model, what is wrong though is when you use it in the wrong way that really doesn’t make you a model, but makes you just a tease/

If you have a great body, there is modeling work you can do that could be even nude, but it is the type of modeling job you could tell your mom about.

There are way too many girls just showing it for no reason. Think they are models because they can bend their ass and stick out their chest, when really that is not modeling at all.

Well, if what you are going for is just being a tease then this show and me are not for you, but if you are looking for new ways to use your body, and get ahead as a model these are some tips that might help you.

1. how to get inspired: Observing – magazines, ads, editorials
2. Getting the photos you need means picking the RIGHT photographer, bring ideas, have a vision in your head.
3. How to approach a photographer
4. Making a parts compcard -
5. How to approach an agency. The term is body part model or fitness model, or print model. All of those words can mean you. A Fashion agency might not accept you but a commercial print modeling agencies or an agency that has a body parts division is a good idea.
6. How to prepare for a casting, lotion, no tan lines, even skin tone, no bra lines, no underware lines, no sock lines.
7. examples of castings being naked,……When I walk into a casting that involves being nude usually it will be a female casting director, or photographer, or there will at least be one female in the room. I have gone on castings for Vaseline, Braun Razor, Showtime, where I have stood naked.
8. It helps to know your body and how you look like you pose. Thinking quick can help you get the job if you can easily know how to pose your body for it to look long, lean and great.
9. how to prepare for shoot, etc. lotion, taking care of your body,
10. It really comes down to having Goals. Thinking of how to go about getting them done and now waiting for it all to be handed to you. Because that day might never come. Usually it doesn’t.
11. Using your body for real modeling jobs such as:
12. Getting paid 1000 to model my leg is no joke to me.

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