Monday, April 14, 2008

Think your too short to model? Shoe modeling has no height requirement

Sure it helps if you have nice ankles and knees, and feet! Shoe modeling is for a girl of all heights and typically since the sample size shoe is a 6, this means that most shoe models are not Tall. Most woman who are tall 5'7" and taller are a size 7-10 shoe. And most women who are shorter 5 foot - five foot 4 are a size 6 shoe!

This means shoe modeling is something the short girl can do!

I will be sharing more this week on my modeling podcast called MODEL TALK on shoe modeling and how to be one, and how a petite girl can start modeling with brands through shoe modeling.

A shoe doesn't just model her feet either, don't forget her legs, knees and ankles are also involved!

Tune in anytime:

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