Friday, April 11, 2008

Modeling tips, magazines to consider mailing your photos to:

These are for models of all ages and types. There are magazines out there you could be mailing your modelign comcpard to and should. Of course Always make sure your photos represent the magazines you are mailings style! Send your photos to the photo editor, or the featured editor, research editors.- think about the editors that pick the models and plan the style of the shoots.

Hype Hair Magazine
(send a photo of your hair in a few styles-up -down-curl- or straight, or just a nice headshot smile)
First for Woman Magazine
Fitness magazine (fitness photo, you are a gym, or in a conversative bathignsuit/bikini)
Country Woman magazine (send photo of yoruself in jeans or nice dress)
Ladies Home Journal Magazine - ( models 26-40 years old)-send a photo of your self in jeans, or a nice dress)
Latina Magazine ( ethnic models) -send a photo of yourselfin a nice dress or jeans
Martha Stewart Weddings Magazine ( send photo of you in a wedding dress or gown)
Modern Bride
More magazine
Marie Claire
COSMO magazine
Spa magazine

And if you are in a smaller city don't forget to google your hometown plus magazine, there might be magazines based in your hometown and you didn't know it!

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