Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Making a modeling compcard

A girl on Myspace recently ask me a good question: is it ok to just have ur own sort of makeshift compcard with a nice digital photo that u have printed out and maybe type up a stat page and gluestick or something it to the back?

My advice: If you only get a few seconds to impress an agent, or magazine editor, or casting director, it is better to show your best photos even if it is just one!

I would say it is best to get a compcard, a phyiscal one you can mail out to agencies and brands.

To be a model I am big believer in the hustle, doing your research and being involved with your pursuits.
AGAIN: To be a model I am big believer in the hustle, doing your research and being involved with your pursuits. This means marketing yourself and having your tools.
Magazines and agents are used to getting compcards in the mail. So don't think you shouldn't have one and don't make a sloppy one!

Right now my body parts compcard only has two images on the back because I ONLY want to show the best, not just more photos than I need to express my best picky about your photo because these are what you will be showing off to represent you.

Whether it is a headshot or a leg shot, you need to have photos that look like ads and editorials. Stop thinking that modeling is only high fashion. And start noticing ads that involve models of all heights. Product ads and commercials. And soon you will learn how to market yourself and even plan your own photoshoots to actual get you ahead, and get the shots you need and then make a compcard!

Staples is a great place but not for compcards. It would be too expensive usually. It is better to go to a printer that would charge you about a dollar or less per card, the card needs to be about 5 by 8 inches, and the best price and quality I have seen is They ship anywhere. And if you need advice they help you for free. Beware that the images sometimes come out orangy so don't send any overly tan images..they will come out in an over exposed color.

I wouldn't use your own printer, I would try to either get prints made that are like 4x6 or 5x7 or make a compcard!

I have made aover 15 compcards and it will become somethign you will be used to making over and over.

I have two kinds. A Body parts cards
And a commercial card.

Mailing your cards, promoting yourself is how you can get exposed.. it wont happen by sitting around staring at a computer, unless you are doing research.

Also when it comes to funny faces and expressions for your headshot... no.. I would skip that when it comes to modeling compcards. Look at ads for products and for brands you think you can realistically model for. And follow suite. Sometimes the more simple and just smiling and being you is better than over doing it with hair, makeup and expressions. Laughter is nice...On my own website I show smiles and also on my recent photoshoot I showed on Myspace page there are smiles and it should be look natural. You can show your personality without sticking your tongue out.

Also myspace and your website doesn't make a person a model, you have to have physical tools, marketing tools, comcpards, headshots to really work in the industry. It might sound cool and make you seem web 2.0 savvy to say yo uhave an awesome flash website but no one really cares in the modeling world...the agents, the casting directors, they just want to see your photos! In their hand.

Why would you do something half ass... no way girl, Go all the way!

Stop by: the price is right...then mail your cards out and get ambitious!


Isobella Jade

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