Monday, April 21, 2008

Am I too short to model? No way! -girls of all heights can model

Girls of all heights and ages can model. You might not be on a runway but there is a TON of work out there. Even the other day I saw an ad for older models needed for a hair care ad. And mother's to be and babies are are seen more and more in ads and commercials. I see shorter models in ads for handbags, shoes, hair products, nail and skin products, so the best thing for an aspiring petite model is to focus on her photos, -And MAKE them look like ads and editorials. The more sellable you look, -the better! And there is no harm in smiling, the lifestyle and commercial modeling world is also where the $ is, and you can just be yourself laughing and get paid for it! Modeling means so many things, it is a broad word in todays world.

So get on it! and start promoting yourself!

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