Tuesday, April 29, 2008

A girl on Myspace from Houston asked me about modeling in magazines

www. 002mag. com/
www. baygroupmagazines. com/
www. envyhouston. com/
www. weddingsinhouston. com/
www. cuizinehouston. com/
www. htexas. com/
www. my-table. com/
www. houstonlifestyles. com/
www. stylemagazine. com/
www. intownmag. com/
www. houstonwomanmagazine. com/
www. houstonfamilymagazine. com/
www. golfhouston. com/
www. livablehouston. com/
www. artshouston. com/
http://www. resalehouston. com/

This is my reply:

I don't even live in Houson and look what I found by googling.

All of these mags need models

Start local:But before you THINK of magazines, you need a compcard, you need to refresh your photos and make them look commercial, editorial and involving an ad look.

When you are ready..Also make your photos target the mags you are submitting to.

Also BE MORE THAN A MODEL, promote something more than I am just a model, do you have hobbies? Include these when submitting to magazines/brands.

Modeling isn't just fashion...even family mags need models.

So get inspired, and start to shoot more often and even if itis your MOTHER taking the photos, grab a golf club, a sandwich, and pose!

Go for it!

Get inspired!

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