Friday, April 11, 2008

Getting your own modeling tearsheets and creating a modeling portfolio

here are some tips for getting your own modeling tearsheets.

Sometimes having a tearsheet can help to get you into the modeling world. In no matter what industry you are in - if you can show some experience, exposure, and proof you are in deed working in the industry it can help to get you ahead. Sometimes this means grabbing your own bootstraps and rocking your own self promotion.

My own modeling tearsheets haven't always come from a modeling agent. Sometimes they ahve come from my own research and persistance. I will be also talking about this on my podcast called Model Talk. I will be discussing how a girl can get ahead and get her own tearsheets by doing research, and mailing her compcards.

In this fast pace world and business self serving is the norm, it is the natural thing to do..but how??

1. Have your marketing tools ready and get envelopes and stamps, set goals for yourself and mail them out to magazines that do makeovers, style tips, and magazines that are not JUST fashion magaiznes but lifestyle and woman's magazines. These magsazines always need woman to be the model, or example of what not to do and to show makeovers, and you could easily be invovled with these involving hair, skin, clothing, and this goes for models of all heights, and weight. Magazines like

Woman's World,
hair magazines
Spa magazines
Woman's Journal
Food magazines
Travel magazines

And all those weekly magaznes you see at the check out line at the store.
Include a little note saying what you would be good for. " I would be great for edtorials"

2. Have an email account that is professional like your name only...maybe make a seperate email account for only your modeling work. You don't need an email that is called You need ones that defines you as yourself, so when you do make contacts or submit yourself the person you are submitting to knows who is it is from easily!

3. Be diverse in your hunt for modeling jobs. If you have a nice body don't ALWAYS submit to swiwear, submit to fitness and body part modeling jobs too. Hands, feet, leg and shoes modeling can get you in the door to some modeling jobs, agencies and lead to more work!

4. Think about small brands that need models, growing brands, brands that are seen at tradeshows like The Accessories Show, The Lingerie Show, the Surf and Swimshow.

5. Notice the names of photographers who shoot for these magazines and brands. If you want to model for a magazine or brand you should also know who is photographing their ad campaign. Who is the photographer, the creative director of the brand, the marketing makers? You should try to get in touch with these people, send them an email..ask them how they pick their models, and take a chance...asking questions doesn't mean you are means you are going in the right direction.

6. Modeling is all around you and you can create your own resume by thinking beyond fashion, and thinking about WHAT DOES my agent do? What does a person do to get modeling work...well it takes with research, with working hard, with mailing and promoting you and your photos, and with taking a chance on yourself!

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