Sunday, April 20, 2008

Is this modeling agency a scam?

A girl recently ask me if a certain modeling scouting company was a scam. This was my reply:

The name alone sounds corny and full of scams but I haven't heard of it. There are SOOOO many scams out there so beaware, anything with the word scout in it scares me. Models who model for brands and magazines are not Scouted by some talent scout on the street usually. And if so the models are from Brazil or something like that for Ford models or high end fashion modeling agencies.

Considering there is Other options for models these days and the word model means so much, I would personally..look into lifestyle, commercial print modeling agencies, and agencies that are looking for real looking people to model for brands, like banks, home products, hair products, everything from shoes, to real life products -even tissues and tic tacs!

Modeling is more than fashion, there is NO height requirement to be a model if you have photos that show your personality and if you are targeting yourself to the RIGHT can get an agency and you can also find your own modeling work by having a compcard ( try and also by knowing how to market yourself.

Thinking about " hey what do I have that a magazine wants?"
And mailing your compcard to them. Magazines like Marie Claire and Glamour use models of All heights ALL the time.

And hair magazines and skin care, and brands like DOVE are using models of all sizes!

There is hope, but it comes with your own persistance.
It has alot to do with marketing to be a model!

You might not be modeling every day for national brands and magazines, but it is possible and if you want something bad enough you can find away to make it work.

Photos are a huge thing, you need to have photos that represent the modeling jobs you WANT to get.

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