Thursday, April 24, 2008

Being a Model, Taking matters into your own hands

This is a recently reply to a girl from Myspace who lives in Houston and doesn't have an agency but is trying to market herself to magazines......good job for taking matters into your own hands -that is what modeling is about these days no matter your height...and waiting for the phone to ring is a waste of time,...also good job for looking up some magazines, but the modeling submission process will not usually be blunt. There usually isn't a sign that says MODELS Apply here.

Instead I would suggest spending a day at the nearest barnes and noble and looking through the editors. I would look in the front of the magazines for the MASTHEAD, which lists all the editors. You want to send your photos to the research editors or the photo editors.

Then on that same page or the next page or so there should be the address, the editorial address or Where the magazine is published address.

And jot that down!

It helps if you have a compcard or headshot to mail. Or a nice 4 x6 or 5 x7 photo will do.

Then include a little note about YOU, your hobbies, and what type of clothing you like. You don't need to say much about the awards, because magazines like Teen Vogue or Seventeen care more about your personality.
But also think local. There might be newspapers, and local magazines that need models too.

If you are unsure about the address you could always call and ask for the editorial department or google the name of the magazine + editorial address.

Also consider a diverse amount of magazines, like hair magazines too. Or ad agencies.

When it comes to brands you want to hit up the marketing departments. You want to ask: how do you pick your models? How can I submit? And also who is the best person to submit to?

Sometimes it can take 3-4 times before you will hear back so keep trying.

You don't need an agent or a modeling agency to get a tearsheet, you just need persistance and stamps and envelopes, and energy!

think like a marketer! goodluck!

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